Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas week. Lots to do. Tryin not to lose Jesus in all the wrapping paper and grocery bags. I can see where it would be more relaxing if it really was JUST about calm, how relaxed and how quiet it would be. But, the good thing about the commercial side is family. Getting together with family. I'm hosting 12 of us this year. There will be enough people that if I don't get to my floors who will know? Lights will be dim, packages all over the I'm choosing to have the right focus. I love Jesus and I love my family. Yes, there's disfunction cuz there's been divorce. Yes there's multiple gatherings as you meet with this family, that family, etc. But it's also FUN!

I'm so glad Christmas is Sunday this year..go to church to start the day right. I've known years of lonliness and poverty during Christmas and it's a downer. For those of you recovering from a loss, it's especially difficult. But, you WILL get through it if you concentrate on Who we are celebrating the birth for!!! Love to all!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Well..we're out of the Thanksgiving season and into Christmas. Yes!! Christmas, not Holiday or winterland..Christmas!! The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!! Get it people!!! Without Christ, no Christmas!! I get so mad when people write xmas..don't want my Lord crossed out of his birthday celebration. There...was that firm enough? Good!

It's warm and cozy this Monday morning and I'm still in my cooshy jammies. Don't wanna put on street clothes and go grocery shopping. Wanna stay here and play on the computer. But, alas, I am an adult so must do the responsible thing, right?

I do hope you have an awesome week. I hope the joy of Christmas outweighs the hassles, the losses, the shopping, wrapping, baking (well, not me of course), but just the joy of knowing Jesus came to save a lost and dying world is reason to celebrate!!! He's coming back remember, so don't let this life bog you down. I'm watching my daughter grieve a loss of love and it's totally consuming to me. My husband told me recently, "You are obsessed with this and it's all you talk about to me and everybody else". Ouch. I think when your children suffer, you suffer and sometimes just need to talk. So, I'll obsess in a 'safe' place like my blog, twitter or Facebook. I wish some spouses would "get it" and not drive their family out of the circle just cuz they're tired of hearing same thing. Well, guess what, that's what you do when you love someone, you listen to the same jokes, same stories and if they are hurting, the same painful statements. But, this, too, shall pass!!! Ultimately, I should run to Jesus with it all!!! He will never leave me nor forsake me or tell me to 'hush' on any subject!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

All those things we take for granted suddenly come to the front as blessings during Thanksgiving time don't they. Shelter, food, family (even the ones who drive you nuts) and friends.

I'm having my husband's family (now, MY family too) over for dinner Thursday. 9 sets of legs dangling under the table. My step son and his wife are going to plow their way here through snow. God keep them safe.

Menu? Very typical. Wednesday I'll get three dishes out of the way that only need baked on Thursday...mashed potatoes, yams, and the enfamous Green Bean Cassrole. The turkey will wile away the hours in a roaster pan, no doubt remember happier days of flappying his wings, hanging out with Tom and the gang..sigh..such is a turkey's lot in life.

My table seats 8. Oval. Yeah..that 9th person..good question.

We're buying our pies from church ladies so they'll be blessed...small, but blessed. Who has room for dessert after nine lbs of turkey anyway.

I have to say, my husband's kids are NOT fussy yuppy people so I don't have to kill myself cleaning..I love that!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't spend it alone...been there done that..tain't fun. If it appears that's the go out and get a small turkey and side dishes and invite someone else who is alone!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm a blond now

well hepcats..I've crossed over to the other side..the lighter side..I'm a blond now. So far I've left my keys in a store and bumped my this your world, blondes?

I started by paying 80.00 to my regular hairdresser to change me from grey to blond. I walked out having spent 80.00 to look the same. My stepdaughter put a nuteralizer on it..hello mouse!! She then went thru the regular process, but it wasn't blond enough for my daughter finished me off and now it's a bit brassy. I aim to fix that with a special's called the "purple shampoo"..ut oh..potential for disaster huh!!

Ok..gotta go..dinner at friends..shock em!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well we got thru halloween without soap on our windows or rotten eggs. I wore my chicken suit to answer the door. We had a ton of kids..forgot to count em. Had a bit of candy left..cartwheel!!

Before the onslaught of trick or treaters, my youngest granddaughter, Briley dropped by. Awww...isn't she the cutest little lamb? Her mommy brought her over to get her ready for the other grandma. I was happy to get to see her!!! I shared my dessert with her..shame on Nanny, but her mom said it was ok. In fact she started it!!! Later after I had turned off the lights and wasn't answering the door, my other granddaughter Mia came by, but I missed her. I wish her daddy had called to let me know they were coming. I did get a picture sent by her mom so here is her costume. Yeah..I thought it was a bit provocative too. Her hair was just cut and she donated it to locks of love. Cool huh!! She has a big heart.

Pretty uneventful Halloween. Hope yours was also. Have a great week!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Happy Wednesday y'all..

Signed up with that yfrog place so on Twitter can post pictures in easier way. Sometimes being on Twitter is lonely business cuz I'm not famous so nobody gives a hoot what I write..haha. So, I just pretend I'm part of the 'in' far one celeb is following me, however, Joyce Meyers. I appreciate that!! I enjoy reading posts, and I do reply to some even tho they are rarely read I'm sure.

I watched Briley yesterday and needed a stay at home day with nothing pressing to do..altho I feel an urge to rearrange my kitchen area..we have bar stools..I hate them being at the island cuz they are in my way when dashing to answer the's more crowded in the kitchen with them set up as we do have a country table that seats 4. I'm sure this is so mind blowing information you're ready to alert the media..haha. See why I have very few followers on Twitter?

Well..just checking in. Have a great week!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yesterday was a fun day with my grandkids, Mia and Briley. Their mommy and I took them to the Kroc Center and we played in the swimming pool..floating down the "lazy river" and just having fun. Then on our way out detoured to the rock wall where this grandma had to give it a try!! The girl said "pretend you're climbing up a ladder" which helped me put most of the strength into my legs..I have pathetic upper body strength. We were upset at the cost of 7.00 each adult, 5.00 each child..even Briley who is 7 months old.

Saturday afternoon some friends are taking us to see The Blue Man Group up in Portland. High energy performance which I know I'll just LOVE, then out for a nice light supper after. I love this type of activity!!! Here's the website for the Blue Man

Should be a blast!!

I'm trying to get motivated to clean house. It's not real bad, but needs attention which I have to confess I'm lazy about. I'd rather play on the computer.

I hope you have a fun weekend!! Tonight we're having dessert and a movie at our church. It's fun to have activities planned. Next weekend is similar in that we'll be having dinner with our "dinner for 8" group..a once a month gathering and we take turns hosting. I'm bringing a dessert.

See ya.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday yammerings

I've been neglectful again in my blogging. I have no excuse except addiction to facebook and twitter. It's not like there's nothing going on in our world. Just read Gadhafi has been killed, so another enemy has been trumped.

An old friend of mine lost her husband yesterday. He'd been sick with cancer. 44 years old. I can see such a difference in a death of a godly man and the Christian's way of grieving because of the hope we have in Jesus Christ Who 'goes to prepare a place'. She will see him again.

Going swimming today with my daughter and two grandkids. Ok, so not so hot in a swim suit, but who cares..we'll have fun, right? Bonding and loving each other!!

I need excercise, but here I sit. What is up with that? I know I must walk as the sun is shining, I am without excuse. Pathetic.

Watching your family suffer consequences from choices really hurts doesn't it. We've all been there at one time or another. My prayer is the hand will reach upwards to the only One who can rescue and redeem. I had to get pretty low before I sought the answer in the right place. HE is so faithful when we cry out to Him!!

Ok..I've blogged today..AND cleaned the kitchen..that's got to count for something!!! Have a wonderful weekend coming up dear ones!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


While many are mourning the loss of a technical tycoon, Steve Jobs, I'm mourning the loss of a teenager I didn't even know. Cody Myers. He was a godly Christian young man of 19 who was at the right place at the wrong time and became a victim of two killers. It's a loss so great one cannot help but ponder God and why He didn't stop this senseless killing. I have no answers except to say God is still on the throne and I will trust that He didn't look the other way when this happened, but will somehow use it for good. Being a Christian, Cody is with the Lord now so one can take some comfort in that.

I don't know where Mr. Jobs stood with the Lord. Hopefully, in the midst of all his creativity and wealth God was lifted up higher. He is our only hope, especially in the end.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Saw the movie "Courageous" this last weekend. Wow!! Come on guys..I double dog dare you to go see that movie!! Want to be a better dad? Do it!! There's lessons in there for women too, but your kids need their daddies!!! I did not have a good father and my oldest did not grow up with a daddy and it was tough bananas!!! Nothing like a godly father, with leadership in love and good example to raise up good kids!! I lucked out with my older daughter that's for sure!!! She is the exception to the rule.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday! Oh, I know...everyday is Friday when retired, but I know it's a longed for day for those with jobs!!

Today I'm thankful for Jesus, weekends, happy husbands, Orange Juice, humor and good health.

This weekend we plan pizza out tonight (oh and I'm thankful for pizza..wink). Then Saturday night we're going to go see "Courageous" movie with some friends..Sunday is church (cartwheel), then lunch out...yes, my life has a lot of food in it!!! I'm a foodie. Never said I wasn't. haha. Have a good weekend hepcats!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm thankful.

Today I'm thankful for: Sleeping in. Eggs. Sunshine without being too hot. Lunch date with a friend. Washer and dryers..sure beats pounding clothes on a rock, right? My husband. hand-me-down clothes that fit, my name a few. Hope your day goes well!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I miss the old days

I miss the old days. Days of women dressing modestly unless they were prostitutes. These days there is no modesty. Young women are getting breast implants and want to show their goods. No thought for the message they are sending to men. If a godly man is trying to please God by not lusting after women, these wardrobes make it almost impossible for the guy. I wonder if guys miss women who remained chaste until they considered not only very old fashioned, but weird as well by both sexes. I remember when I was engaged to my husband at age 57, many thought it strange that we waited until marriage to have sex. Now..the wedding night is usually just another date or night if living together. Yep, I miss those days. Maybe it's because I was terribly hurt by an unfaithful husband years ago that these things bother me. It's only going to get worse on TV and in Movies..especially as the gay movement increases..when that happens and it's all openly done on shows, that's when my tv will be thrown out the window I'm afraid.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

changes changes changes

Changes changes changes. Those who know me know I'm addicted to Facebook. All that social interaction..woot woot!! However, having said that..I am NOT crazy about all the "updates" they are making which cause me to hunt for what used to be familar territory on there. I guess they have their reasons..I guess..did I mention I GUESS?'s sure not to make things easier for the members that's for sure!!! Did I say sure twice?? I sure did!!!! See? It has me all discombooberated..well I know it's NOT a word ya nit..but this is MY blog right? hehe...ok I wasn't tryin to be happens naturally when my brain is fried from changes changes changes.

Ok bye.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fun is hard on old people

Having a great vacation. Drove down to california with daughter and two kids. Went to Knox Berry farm where I rode this bad to 82 mph in 2.5 seconds..face lift that's for sure!!! Knox Berry has tons of rides..not much farming going on there!!

Next we went to Disneyland..rode this one there..Splash Mountain..believe it or not..we had fun being scared outta our gourds

Now we are staying with family. Today hubby is unwell..I think having fun is hard on us Seniors..haha. Today we meet at a Mexican restaurant to spend time with extended family. Should be fun!!

Next stop on the coast to see a friend..then home to recover!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


We just finished 8 ball games in a row..eating at the stadium. I can't look a hot dog in the face. Tonight..meatloaf, corn on cob, salad, baked taters. YUM! I'm having only fruit/vege plate for lunch. Maybe over dosing on nitrites does that to ya. It's been fun, tho. We get a week off, then another 8 game stand..cept we'll miss the last two going on vacation!!! In spite of rare peeks of sunshine, it's been a good summer..a quick summer...Have a good week!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Planning vacation. Taking Bob's two grandkids to Disneyland. Drive down..Bob's daughter and the grands will fly home and we'll motor around California visiting family in the Ontario area. Probably be stone broke by then..haha. Bob wanted to do this trip before retiring. We took his grandkids once before but Stella was too young to remember, so this is mainly a trip for her, but didn't think we could get away with not taking Blake, too.

I hope we can someday take Briley, but she's only 5 months old now. We took Mia, her sister, a couple years ago. It's a mix of joy and egads!!!

Bob is browsing motels right's his gig so I'm not helping with that part.

Have a great week!! We have our 4th ball game out of 8 in a row tonight...I'm so full of nitraites it's pitiful!!! haha...

Monday, August 8, 2011

biker chick

A guy from church invited me to go on a motorcycle ride Sunday. It was a blast!! We went a total of about 90 miles..saw Silver Creek Falls, rode through Mehama and I LOVE the curvy roads. Not crazy about freeway and high speed. Here's a few pictures.

The guys who came along are all part of a Christian Motorcycle group called "Honor Bound". They are from our church. I felt safe and like a carefree young girl on the ride!! It had been 40 years since I rode and I did just fine. Jeff, my bike driver, said he hardly knew I was behind him..yeah!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

nothin in particular

I guess I've proven in order to be a blogger...I need a theme. Like in that movie Julie & Julia her theme was to cook thru Julia Childs' cookbook til she'd fixed all the recipes. I don't have that kind of discipline, probably.

Life is whizzing by and it's pretty calm right now. I'm enjoying my grandkids, facebook, church stuff, and planning this year's vacation with my husband. One thing he wants to do it looks like won't work financially, so back to the drawing board as they say. We'll figure something out..we usually want it to include visiting his family in California so mostly we go south. I don't fly, so road trip.

Feeling tired lately..wonder if it's the warmer weather, aging, hoisting up grandbabies and am in recovery mode? I don't like it. Feels like depression, and I just don't get depressed!!

Entertaining 7 tonight so working on preps for that. It's my daughter's gig, but at my house. Table is set, fruit platter is made and house cleaned up. Maybe I'm anxious about it and don't know it..weird.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Such a simple gesture really..stopping to buy me roses and a card that says "Just because I love you". It's been many years and was totally unexpected. I wish men knew how much an "out of the blue" gift that is not only beautiful, but affirms your mate of your love is important. We know you mow the lawn, fix things around the house, take care of yourself by having physicals and yes, these do say "I love you". But, the unexpected is a lovely way to express it, also. Thank you Bob!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

not a blogger

I should close this blog site down. I'm rarely here. I don't think I'm really a blogger. I'm so wrapped up in Facebook, grandkids, baseball games and so forth. I won't dismantle it, and you might check from time to time, but for now I refuse to pressure myself to write any blogs.

Eatin cherries, balogne sammich with chips..yum!!! Be eating junk food tonight!!! When there's a ball game we eat at the game....yeah I know..gettin fat and happy!!!

Hope you're having a great week!!! Flo

Monday, June 27, 2011


Been busy with Little League games and Minors games. We have a Farm team for San Francisco Giants here in Salem, Oregon called The Volcanoes. We have season tickets so go to about 40 games per summer...added to Little League games for Bob's grandson, Blake. They are in All Stars now so soon they will be over!! They've won all their games so far!

The volcanoes were playing terrible until last night's game when they finally won. Hope this is a permanent change. I took my 3 month old Granddaughter to a game last Saturday night..people oohed and ahhed over her...making us grandparents beam!!! Tonight is the last of a six game set. Then 3 days off with no games except Little League..then back on for another 3. It's fun!!! You are in like a little neighborhood sitting in the same section year after year. We broke loose from that area one year...I didn't like it.

Not much going on. We've had some deaths in the family so some sorrow along the way. Hope you who read my blog are ok.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't make us buy your love

Personally, I think kids once grown should forgive their parents, accept their oddities and love them unconditionally. We all raise our kids to the best of our it limited ability or some awesome cookie baking soccor mom. We know where we've failed and your making fun and dissin us doesn't help us get just makes us feel unloved and unworthy..not a pretty feeling.
We have to accept lifestyles we don't approve of, or feel is hurting God. We're not allowed to express how we feel about that, but are snarled at or even cut off if we say anything..yet kids are allowed to lash out at us and call us old fuddy duddies. We walk on egg shells while our kids have the freedom to wear their combat boots. It feels like we have to buy a crumb of love and that crumb can be removed at will..meanwhile as parents we cannot cut off our love, our longings for relationship with our's built in us and although we feel great pain by our kids, cannot stop loving them. We cannot stop wanting God's best for them. Just the way it is I guess, but I don't have to like it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well..I sent the filled out form agreeing to host a Volcano Baseball player. Volcanoes are the short A farm team for the San Francisco Giants. We've done it before. First player was Fred Lewis, outfielder who went on to the majors. We still keep in touch. I cannot remember the last name of 2nd player we hosted, Anthony Moreno or Morales..a pitcher. We only had him a couple weeks. Our third player was a married couple, Brooks Lindley. He isn't still playing.

It's a big responsibility, feeding them, laundry, driving them to and from the field, etc. I hope we get a respectful kid. All the others were.

They are suppose to pay 200.00 a month toward food. Because we had the last players such a short time, we didn't really get that.

I'll have to give up my bathroom and share with Bob. He'll have "culture" shock..haha. I'll have to pretend I'm camping cuz all my bathroom junk won't fit anywhere in his bathroom which is off the master bedroom.

Just hope I have some notice so I can fix up the rooms!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hack hack

Good grief..I've been coughing a month now. Called the doctor I saw May 23rd and he said get back to him if no change using inhaler/cough syrup. No change. Grrrrr. I've annoyed my husband to death with hacking like a 2 pack a day smoker. I'll have to change my blog to "Hackin with Flo". Last night another trip to the spare room so hubby can sleep. I'm so glad I'm retired and can just lay low.

I have a few days here with no committments so it's a good time to do nothing. That's the beauty of retirement I guess. No phone call to a boss which was always embarressing.

Some of the words above were red like misspelled or something, but I don't see where they told me correct spelling..weird..anybody know how that works? Am I to get out the dictionary for the words highlited when I clicked on ABC ??

I'll try to post something more clever when I get something more clever to post..heh.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well a new week is about to begin. I did my grocery shopping today so tomorrow I can vege. Coughing and coughing wears me out and wets my pants. I think layin low might help. I'll schedule an appt if it continues. Get some "knock you out" cough syrup..zzzz.

Monday vege..Tues I'll drive down to Albany and meet up with an old old friend I used to work with. She lives in Eugene. We're gonna probably be run outta the restaurant for causing such a ruckus..we sure used to at work!! Love her to death!!

Wednesday breakfast out with a friend I hang out with as often as I can. I figure by Thursday my weight will be back up to "porker" status with all this eating out.

Monday I'm gonna tackle making fish tacos. Never thought I'd see the day...I hate fish. But, my daughter gave me a new recipe so we'll see.

God answered a BIG BIG BIG prayer for's not a total answer, but enough to light the light under my hope button!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

Have a great week hepcats!

Monday, May 16, 2011

monday rambling

Bob just celebrated his 64th birthday. He always goes up to the batting cages and hits fast balls just to see if he can do it. I always go with him and I hit a few softballs myself. The cage I got into mal-functioned and it sent balls at me one right after the other w/not more than a second between time..I tried to hit as many as I could but when they came 3 at a time I freaked and got outta there. It was kinda funny. Then we went over to Fuddruckers and got ourselves a nice fat hamburger lunch.

We did the baseball thing on Friday, his birthday was actually Saturday. His daughters took him out to breakfast. I gave him his gifts when we got home. We had dinner out at The ole Spaggetti Warehouse at their new location downtown .. it was ok...I had to send something back twice, but I'd go there again prolly. We came home and watched one of the movies I got him "Chariots of Fire" .. yeah you're IS an old one!!

A coworker of Bob's died over the weekend. Bob has figured that most of his coworkers get out of the job not by retiring, but by dying. I don't think he's nervous about that fact, but maybe. He jokes about it..perhaps to mask his own "gulp".

Once again I'm not being clever in this blog..I wonder why I keep a blog when my entries are so boring, even to myself!! Oh I did hear something at church I liked..."If you want more of HIS face, sit at HIS feet". Bye now!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I look around me at the people who love and respect their moms. The hugs, the happiness of kids knowing their mom was there for them and the happiness of moms being appreciated for being there for their kids. It's a joyful occasion that needs to be celebrated!! It's hard work being a mom, but for some it comes quite naturally, for others a challenge.

I'm feeling sad today. A couple of days ago my daughter was here visiting with my new grandbaby. Our conversation drifted to the past and suddenly reality hit me square in the face. My daughter does not love me because she views me as an abusive mother who messed up her life. I looked deep within, I saught in my mind memories to prove that wrong, but instead was confronted with truth in her words.

I married a man I did not love. That had its affect on me and the marriage, and ultimately the kids. I didn't have to marry him, I wasn't pregnant or anything like that. The realization that I didn't love him came strongest on our wedding day. You know how you can focus too much on the terrible thing it would be to cancel when there are guests arriving, church is decorated, etc etc. When I should have focused on the future, the real part of what I was entering into...marriage.

The kids came, I loved them so much. Then trouble in the marriage came. Counselor after counselor. Then PMS came. Goodbye Flo. Hello Monster. It is this monster that the kids think of when they think of me. Gone are the good memories, camping, bedtime stories, all gone. Only the yelling. The smacking around and anger sit in their minds when they think of me and there's not a thing I can do about it now. Those days are gone..I've managed to dupe myself into thinking since I've let it go...the kids will. WRONG!

My son feels betrayed because I told his dad he was doing drugs (which he was). My daughter feels betrayed because I divorced her dad and changed their finances. I did not go after his retirement and had given him mine when we got married so he could build a house he now lives in. I am no innocent in any of this. But, looking into the mirror and seeing an abusive parent looking back is new to me. Knowing my children talk about me as the abusive parent to others is embarressing and shameful to me. Yes..see? It's me me me. All about me. A habit hard to break.

My own mother abused me and I was never able to see anything good about her. Knowing this is how it is for my children breaks my heart. My oldest I raised alone. She seems to genuinely care about me so I did something right in that relationship. There still isn't that respect of having been a good mother. I know there are others out there who are struggling on this day...Mother's Day. Can't go back and fix it. Try to do the best you can in parenting and grandparenting now, but it's too late to change what's inside my children..the memories they have..the damage I've done to them. No, I do not own this as my being the only contributor to the disfunction. It does always take two.

If you had a good nuturing mother who baked cookies and was soft and gentle you are blessed. If you had a bad mother who snarled and seemed mentally disturbed all the time..please please try to forgive her. Try to move forward without blaming her entirely for your problems. Own your own share in them. If you are grown up, be grown up. I didn't stop blaming my mother and father for my hangups until I was in my late 50s..don't wait so long. If you abused your children admit it.
I am admitting it. I am owning it. I am paying for it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I hope all of you who have mothers will honor them this coming Sunday, May 9th. My mother is gone...she was "gone" even when alive as far as sanity, but now that I'm finally grown up (and then some) I wish I could do it over. Be a good loving daughter. I was so angry at her being crazy I could not be loving and have now regrets. So, even if your mother is mentally ill, mean, rigid, anxious, immature...whatever...she did her best under the conditions she lived under. When my mother gave birth to me she didn't know her illness would progress to the degree it did.

I've failed in so many ways as a mother and it'd be real easy to say "if only" I'd had a normal mother growing up it would have been better. I don't know. I just know "regrets is looking backwards" and I need to look forward and be the best mother I can now, the best grandmother I can now...just be my best anything!!!! Happy Mother's Day to you all!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grandson's 6th anniversary of new life!

Sixth anniversary of my grandson, Brad's ATV accident. Defied medical prognosis..God had another plan for him. It's been a long six years, but onward and upward.

God is not finished with my grandson yet!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday - video of granddaughter and me

Wednesday..halfway to the weekend!! Not that it matters to us retirees.

I took my 7 year old granddaughter, Mia, to school. Somebody had a major fender bender as there was firetruck, 3 cop cars. That's a heck of a way to start your day.

Here's a very very cool video my daughter made of Mia and me. So much talent..don't know where she gets it. What a precious thing for Mia to have as a keepsake of our time on earth together.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good teaching this morning

Heard some great teaching this morning at Bible Study. Video by Joyce Meyers.

Religion goes to church 45 minutes Sunday Morning...Relationship is 24/7.

Enemy uses excuses and lies and tries to kill and destroy.

Get to the point where you love God more than sin.

We get saved..then we're in a bit of wilderness as we journey toward God's promises

LOVE OTHERS!! No excuses, Results!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hard to write blogs

It's been challenging to write a blog. I really have nothing important to say. Most people have wisdom to offer...humor to entertain...some speciality to pass on...but alas...this mind is mostly blank. I don't read a lot of blogs either..did in the beginning..but my Facebook addiction hogged my time. There ya go. I'm watching the movie "Julie & Julia" which involves blogging and another favorite pastime of mine..eating!!!

Step grandchild only wanted to visit me if my new grandbaby was here...what am I .. chopped liver? I do enjoy having Briley so I know I will again. Boy this movie is making me hungry!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem to my cousin who died April 17, 2011

My cousin, Irene, lived most of her adult years imprisoned in a sick body with Lupus, diabetes, blindness from medications, loss of hearing, and various other painful and debilitating physical problems. Yet, she raised her children, was involved in school activities, and was a godly woman. I don't understand a life lived while suffering everyday, but God knows and I know where Irene is and I believe she is running, seeing, hearing, and rejoicing!!! This is just a short tribute to her from my memories.

Irene, my cousin, my friend

Of all the cousins in my life

Your heart touched mine the most.

The helping hand you freely gave

Made you seem so close.

When trouble struck our home

I was barely ten,

Needing a place to stay,

Your family took me in.

A decision they could ill afford

Feeding another kid,

But, in your home I felt safe and warm

So, I was glad they did.

I remember as a teenager,

You stayed with dad and me

You gave advice about a boy

That from him I should flee.

I did not follow your advice,

And married him anyway

The scars from that experience

Still cause me pain today.

I left him when he found another

I was alone with a baby, too

but guess who took us in,

yes, Irene, it was you!

Eventually life went on for us

The years rolled swiftly by.

I watched you face your struggles

But, you kept your head held high.

God gave you love and family

So, you would not suffer alone,

And from the seeds you planted,

A beautiful garden has grown.

A garden of children who loved you

And continue to serve the Lord,

A marriage of fifty years

With a man that you adored.

Your life is a testimony

To the grace and peace of God,

Who kept His arms around you

Through your journey on this sod.

I’m honored to have known you

As a cousin and a friend,

You’re healthy now and dancing

Filled with joy that never ends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Loss of cousin and friend

Last Saturday my cousin Irene died. She was in a care center. Her husband has been her caregiver for most of the 50 years they were put too much stress on his back and he began having severe pain..turned out his back was broken. They scheduled him for surgery. Meanwhile, my cousin who is blind and almost totally deaf was disorientated and unhappy in the care facility so when John had his surgery he was allowed to start his recovery in the same room with his wife. Five days later, Irene began having blood sugar drop so bad they took her to the hospital where she had a heart attack and died. As if this isn't bad enough, their daughter Trina is undergoing cancer treatments. You know sometimes life throws some major curve balls!! I do see God's wisdom, however. John and Irene were worried about how they were to care for themselves as the Care Center gave them a time limit to stay there. Irene going home to Jesus eliminates that delema.

I have many wonderful memories as children together with my cousin. It helps. Knowing the family loves the Lord helps also. How to non believers do it??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13

Hmmm...I'm being productive today..what's up with that? Possessed? My granddaughter Mia is coming today..but she's only 7 and could care less if I've got a clean house or sorted out closet. She might care that I've got dinner prep underway, tho.

I should go for a walk. That's where productivity stops it seems. Lonely business walking alone. I have IPOD and that should make me feel accompanied, but it doesn't. Weather is neither sunny nor raining which means it could go either way..yeah..that's it..that's my excuse..I don't know what to wear outside cuz it's iffy. That's my story and I'm stickin to it! Ok bye.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

old boss

Met my former boss for lunch today. He's 90. Sharp with a memory that doesn't seem impaired at all. He had a friend with him. We strolled back memory lane when we worked together at DMV. Oh the stories were flyin. He knew me when I was young and thin. It was interesting to hear his perspective at our first meeting..haha. Thought I was cute, but a hippy..haha. We had some good laughs back then and aging hasn't changed anything in that regard!! Very enjoyable lunch!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday stuff

Good morning Bloggers: It's another Monday already!!

Sure enjoying my new grandbaby, Briley. Sometimes I feel she's out and about too much when she is just today 4 weeks old and I've already babysat 4 times, but I'm ok with it that's for sure!! I want her to know me!! She's a good baby and easy.

My other granddaughter, Briley's sister Mia, just had her 7th birthday. Egads..where does the time go? The party was at a bowling alley. I have no business bowling with Fibromyalgia but I did and it was fun and worth every pain..haha. I used duct tape to silence the whining.

A friend is coming over today and see how to organize my kitchen. We're both OCD so it oughta be fun. Wait til I show her my "Fibber McGee" drawers..she'll run screaming prolly.

Hope you have a great week!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

new commercials..grrr

What's with these commercials promoting gay marriage? I don't drink but I'd sure rather look at beer commercials!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remember, Repent, Return

I'm taking classes called "The Truth Project". A video series sponsored by Focus on the Family. It's fantastic and it includes a lot of history. I read the five attributes that marked the decline of Rome.
1. An increasing love of show and luxury
2. An obsession w/sex, including homosexuality
3. Freakishness in the arts masquerading as 'originality'
4. Enthusiasms pretending to be 'creativity'
5. An increased desire to live off the State

This sounds so familar to our day here in the United States doesn't it. I've also read where homosexuality is allowed to flourish, the city, country etc will fall.

The Bible says in end times, good will be called bad, and bad called good. We're there as far as I'm concerned. All around me I see the above attributes. Call me a religious fanatic, but I know what I've read in my Bible and see around me. God will not be mocked and I don't think He's liking what He sees either.

It's time to remember what our country was founded on and repent and return to it. Without religion, there are no absolutes or morals. We are bent toward sinning in and of our own flesh.
I see a lot of lost people walking around trying to give their lives meaning by pleasure and it's not filling that God shaped vacuum inside.

People, please please, seek the Lord while He may be found before it's too late!! There is a Heaven to be gained and a Hell to be shunned. We will spend eternity in one of those two places.

I'm so scared for my family who don't love God and His Son, Jesus enough to accept Him as Lord and Savior because they don't want to give up "the good life". Don't want to be held accountable, well, we all will be judged by a Holy God someday. I want to be found faithful!

I know this is a serious post. I'll try to get back to wit and fun soon. Remember, repent, return.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

at the park

hey..sittin here at the indoor park with granddaughter, Stella. We have a picnic lunch and they have wireless network so something for grandma to do...yipee!!

Stella is spinning in a 'dish' with a new friend..I'd be hurling if I did that. I miss cartwheels, spinning, swinging on a swing looking backwards, running, climbing, etc etc. But, if I 'went back' I'd miss wisdom, grandkids, knowing who I am, etc etc. Happiness is not wanting what you can't have, but wanting what you do have!!! Every 'era' is special!!

It cost us 7.00 to be in this park..1.00 for me..Ha! Worth it to have wireless..and making a granddaughter happy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

brag brag

Grandpa Bob has the touch with our newest grandchild..almost makin her smile and she's a week and a half old..haha...go Bob!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Boy, it's harder to keep a blog going than I thought. Weeks go by and I have nothing to write about that would interest anybody else. I've already bragged about my new granddaughter. I babysat her this week for a couple hours..what an easy peasy baby she is!! Just like my other granddaughter, Mia. I like easy kids. I don't do tantrums or resistance well. No maternal juices flowing in this body I guess.

I'm shaky this morning. Is it the coffee? Is it reading the newspaper that told me my city is not equipped for the BIG ONE that has to come cuz so much time has gone by since last earthquake so we're due. Swell. Something to look forward to.

Been listening to an mp3 disk of the New Testament bible...we listen for 28 minutes every day. Today Mia is coming so instead of listening during dinner as we have been, I feel that's unfair to her to make her be quiet during dinner so I've already listened to it and Bob can choose when he wants to.

Raining out there..heard the thump of a few cats and dogs. Nothing freaky like Portland had last night or afternoon...can't remember..but a huge crack of thunder with no lightening...what's up with that??? Man I'd be really scared.

See..just yakkin...that's all this is..nothing meaningful for ya all!! Hope your week is going well!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new grandma

well..yesterday I got a brand new grandchild, Briley Clover. She weighed in at 8.11 and 20 and 1/4 inches long. Mother Daddy and baby are all doing fine!! I'm exhausted from running here and running there with a broken toe..not to mention being very sick on my anniversary getaway. This grandma feels like an old lady!!! But, things will calm down I'm sure. I don't do even good stress as well lately...heh.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love yourself!

Do you find yourself with boyfriends or girlfriends (if you're a guy) that hurt you? Mistreat you? Look deep within and see how you feel about yourself. Do you feel you are unlovable? Do you reject yourself? If so, you will unconsciously gravitate toward the opposite sex who will confirm that what you believe about yourself is true. If you meet someone who is kind and wants to love you, inside that doesn't match up, so you reject that person and tell yourself.."there's something wrong with this person if he loves ME". Once you realize how loved you are by God and are of great worth, then you'll unconsciously gravitate toward a kind man (woman). Their love for you will fit with your new feelings of worth and value and you won't be so quick to reject them. I know this to be true as this was me not so long ago.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I will remember

I'm feeling thankful for all my many blessings from God Himself!!! The rescue, the saving, the infilling and the changing!!! I remember every step, hope you do, too! This song reminds me of it all!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh said to lose 15 lbs. Not a lot, but it does mean making changes. I wish I wasn't so in love with food..greasy fattening food especially. I can think of so many excuses for not eating right. My jaw won't allow constant munching of carrots. I can't make a sandwich without bread. What will I use as that 3rd item on a plate (yes it has to be 3)..if I'm withholding carbs. I love food as mentioned, but I hate having to constantly think about it in the realm of counting points, calories, etc. I am leerie of fake food, too. Margarine, low fat cheese, etc. Very confusing.

15 pounds is not a lot to lose. I've started riding the excercise bike 20 to 30 min a day..that compared to NOTHING is surely going to help. I'm currently browning a pork chop cut in half to share with my husband who also wants to lose weight. I cannot afford joining diet 'clubs'. Nor can I have food delivered in small boxes like Jennie Craig diets.

I COULD just take my chances and eat what I jolly well want and let the chips fall where they may. Just be fat. Just wait for the heart attack. But, I do have grandkids I love and want to see grow up. If you have any suggestions that are SIMPLE let me know. Most diet books have this menu that consists of 'recipes' which involve either expensive ingredients or is complicated or never re-uses an ingredient. I just need help with menues that put 3 items on my plate that are of a certain size that tastes good, didn't cost an arm and leg and colorful without hours of that too much to ask? Yeah..probably so. I'll figure it out!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

my visitor

Spending the afternoon with granddaughter, Stella. Picked her up at kindergarten and off to McDonalds. When I got the food I asked "Do you want to eat in the big play room?" She said "no, I want to play at your house". A lady standing by said "what a nice compliment that she'd rather play at your house". She's a great child!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You ever get frustrated with your siblings? I have a sister that sometimes makes me nuts...but I'm pretty sure it works both ways. I cannot stop myself from lecturing her as she contradicts herself in one phone call. She's the older one, too. I'm sure the right thing is to just listen and shut the heck up. Maybe I am unleashing unresolved stuff inside from those who I do NOT feel I can confront easily about things so when talking to my sister out it comes. I don't know, but all I can do is vow to do better next time, right?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

aging of the face

I went to the 'vampire' to have blood drawn this morning. Had to fast. I was hungry. Having a physical next week, so getting the blood work done ahead. There are so many sick people that I found myself thanking God for my good health. Yes, I have medical issues, but none life threatening that I'm aware of. Overweight..unfortunately, but it's my own fault there. I just love food. I'm my own worst enemy. Now, I have myself convinced if I lost weight, my facial skin would hang down Tom Dooley, thereby aging me visibly. Everybody knows fat people have younger faces. husband didn't buy that rationale, but too bad. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. Gotta hot dog 'dinged' in the microwave.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I was trying to figure out why criticism hurts me so much. I think it's because when someone criticizes you, you feel ashamed of yourself. Shame is a terrible feeling. I grew up feeling that way about how we lived. The things going on in our home that were 'shameful'. I've never outgrown that feeling. I can push it far far to the background when I surround myself with loving people, God's people. When friends tell me they love me, or think I'm funny or just accept me with all my failings and fears the shame is gone. I know most of the shame comes from self talk that needs improving.

I hope the way I talk to others never brings them that feeling of shame. I need God's help to love without label. To embrace the person even if their lifestyle is contrary to mine. In many cases, the person is feeling enough blame and shame without my input. Shame can drive you to destructive feelings like worthlessness and even suicidal thoughts. I never want to be someone who brings those feelings to the surface in someone. Lord, help me to love as YOU do, unconditionally!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Basket Ball

Been going on Saturdays to watch grandkids playing basket ball. One is 10 yrs old, the other is 6. Vast difference in the games. Really funny sometimes. In Mia's game, holding the ball and racing down the court is very common..heh. Traveling, hello? They get ends mixed up and try to make baskets on wrong side, it's so funny!!! But they get awarded stars for effort, Christ-likeness, offense, etc. They're getting excercise, too.

Blake's game is more professional. Improvement is seen every game. Blake holds his own, very good at guarding, running and keeping his head in the game.

Thank you Jesus for my grandkids' good health and joy that they bring me..on or off the court!! Oh...and grandmas like to play basketball, too! haha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Different Shoes

My six year old granddaughter Mia came over for the night. She had on two different shoes..haha. Not real noticable, however. This morning she wanted me to read this HUGE library book two minutes before leaving to take her to school. When I said no time..down she went and these feet with mismatched shoes were kicking the floor...what is that??? She had never had a tantrum before. I told her there wasn't time for that either and to get her coat on. All this was happening in the doorway to my bathroom where I was "trapped". Couldn't hug her or anything..first things first yanno.

So, when we arrived near her school a couple minutes early, I pulled into Toys R Us parking lot and read her a few pages of the book. Grandmas do stuff like that!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Death of an Icon

I found out excercise geru, Jack LaLanne, died yesterday at 96. I used to excercise with him during my 20's. I'd watch him on tv with my towel and chair. I remember thinking he's sure old even then..haha. I think not only did he keep moving his body, but I think he was a decent guy and stable husband, which I truly believe is all part of longevity. Good attitude, maintaining good relationships and healthy body all working together against the environment poisons. I have a long way to go. Wish I could remember what we actually did with that towel and chair, though.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

fullness of God

Someone sent me an email with this internet address (you'll need to copy and paste into your browser probably.

It took my breath away in awe and wonder. Something about the beautiful music and visual together just made me feel the fullness of God big time!!! God speaks to me in beauty like this!!

Hope you listen and sense His presence also!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my masked man

This picture reminds me of my marriage. We are as different as night and day, yet if I relax and let him be him, taking care of me in his way, things go pretty smoothly. Now, if I resisted, fought him all the way, we'd both end up with battle scars. When you're dating, you tend to pretend. Pretend to like the same things cuz you're scoring points. After that last bell rings and you're married...the real 'us' emerges. Sometimes it's not a pretty picture til you get it and find your groove. Anyway this reminds me of Bob and how he cares for me...except he never ever wears a mask..well, now let me think..maybe he does if he's not showing his true feelings in order to keep peace. Good thought, Flo. Meanwhile I'll try to relax in his arms and not worry what's going on behind any mask he wears!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

How important is a gal of milk?

I'm lookin outside at what appears to be a slippery slope. Not sure what's the condition of the roads. I need to buy groceries, but am chicken. Waiting and watching for signs of melting....ain't happenin yet. How important is a gallon of milk? Called hubby and he made it to work..but he's braver and his tires are fatter. Oh wait..wait just a ding dang moment..I think I see some sun tryin to shine..hard to tell since I haven't washed our kitchen windows in years. Well, you try jumping up onto your counters at age 68 and crouching. Yeah...I even have extra life insurance just for walking to the mailbox..weak sister!! Anyway..I'll keep watching cuz the groceries won't buy themselves now will they!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


_)(*&^%$#@@...COMPUTERS!!! Just when I think I'm finally growing up, I have a mechanical problem with my printer. Next thing I know, my fingers are all inky, I'm out of breath and my ink cartridges are hurled out into the room. Those suckers can really fly..just enuff weight distrubution or something.

My printer first kept telling me it was a paper jam...WHERE??? Somewhere in Jersey??? There ain't no paper in that machine..I unplugged it and sluthed it out with my then I started removing the ink cartridges to check them and now new warning...first check cartridge on right, (black)...did no avail...then removed colored cartridge..and put them back it's not likin the colored one. Then the spewing of spit and cartridges began as I reverted to a 3 yr old and had a major tantrum.

Now of course it's so messed up I couldn't print even a "test" sheet. I'm giving up. I'm 68..these things could cause me to have a stroke or something. Not worth it!!!! I'll come back to it later after some Earl Grey.

And you thought I was perfect didn't ya!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dry as a Bone

I'm dry as a bone. Nothing comes to mind to blog about. A blog is a terrible thing to waste.

Started "The Truth Project" at church. Talk about!!! It's sponsored by Focus on the Family and delves into basically the following question: Do you really believe that what you believe is really true? There's about 11 videos that talk about truth in relation to God. It's powerful and it's my third trip thru. He likens it as a tour...fabulous stuff!!!!

Otherwise..I'm dry as a bone.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

it's 1/1/11 Happy New Year

Gone..the tree, the wall hangings, the stockings and nutcrackers from the mantle. Just like that..umpteen trips up the ladder to attic and Christmas is hibernating, unseen, but certainly remembered.

We had a nice season. One of our prodigals returned...not mine unfortunately, but I'm happy for Bob and his son. We spent Christmas Eve at my daughter's and the other daughter entered the room 7 months pregnant to surprise her older sister. Gasp. But, we had a really fun time with family on my side..If my son would have appeared it would be perfect (except for the trip to ER I'd have had at the shock of him being there!!) Mia was there, but my great grandkids were in Washington..snif.

Christmas morning Bob and I opened our gifts. He went for quality, I went for quanity..both made us smiley!! Then later we went over to his daughters' house and had a wonderful, food festing, game playing good time!

We spent New years eve eating at Red Lobster followed by a late movie.."The Tourist". It was a win win situation...Angelina J. for him, Johnny Depp for me...otherwise a confusing movie.

Happy New Year everybody!! I hope I can write some fun blogs in 2011!!!