Thursday, March 31, 2011

new commercials..grrr

What's with these commercials promoting gay marriage? I don't drink but I'd sure rather look at beer commercials!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remember, Repent, Return

I'm taking classes called "The Truth Project". A video series sponsored by Focus on the Family. It's fantastic and it includes a lot of history. I read the five attributes that marked the decline of Rome.
1. An increasing love of show and luxury
2. An obsession w/sex, including homosexuality
3. Freakishness in the arts masquerading as 'originality'
4. Enthusiasms pretending to be 'creativity'
5. An increased desire to live off the State

This sounds so familar to our day here in the United States doesn't it. I've also read where homosexuality is allowed to flourish, the city, country etc will fall.

The Bible says in end times, good will be called bad, and bad called good. We're there as far as I'm concerned. All around me I see the above attributes. Call me a religious fanatic, but I know what I've read in my Bible and see around me. God will not be mocked and I don't think He's liking what He sees either.

It's time to remember what our country was founded on and repent and return to it. Without religion, there are no absolutes or morals. We are bent toward sinning in and of our own flesh.
I see a lot of lost people walking around trying to give their lives meaning by pleasure and it's not filling that God shaped vacuum inside.

People, please please, seek the Lord while He may be found before it's too late!! There is a Heaven to be gained and a Hell to be shunned. We will spend eternity in one of those two places.

I'm so scared for my family who don't love God and His Son, Jesus enough to accept Him as Lord and Savior because they don't want to give up "the good life". Don't want to be held accountable, well, we all will be judged by a Holy God someday. I want to be found faithful!

I know this is a serious post. I'll try to get back to wit and fun soon. Remember, repent, return.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

at the park

hey..sittin here at the indoor park with granddaughter, Stella. We have a picnic lunch and they have wireless network so something for grandma to do...yipee!!

Stella is spinning in a 'dish' with a new friend..I'd be hurling if I did that. I miss cartwheels, spinning, swinging on a swing looking backwards, running, climbing, etc etc. But, if I 'went back' I'd miss wisdom, grandkids, knowing who I am, etc etc. Happiness is not wanting what you can't have, but wanting what you do have!!! Every 'era' is special!!

It cost us 7.00 to be in this park..1.00 for me..Ha! Worth it to have wireless..and making a granddaughter happy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

brag brag

Grandpa Bob has the touch with our newest grandchild..almost makin her smile and she's a week and a half old..haha...go Bob!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Boy, it's harder to keep a blog going than I thought. Weeks go by and I have nothing to write about that would interest anybody else. I've already bragged about my new granddaughter. I babysat her this week for a couple hours..what an easy peasy baby she is!! Just like my other granddaughter, Mia. I like easy kids. I don't do tantrums or resistance well. No maternal juices flowing in this body I guess.

I'm shaky this morning. Is it the coffee? Is it reading the newspaper that told me my city is not equipped for the BIG ONE that has to come cuz so much time has gone by since last earthquake so we're due. Swell. Something to look forward to.

Been listening to an mp3 disk of the New Testament bible...we listen for 28 minutes every day. Today Mia is coming so instead of listening during dinner as we have been, I feel that's unfair to her to make her be quiet during dinner so I've already listened to it and Bob can choose when he wants to.

Raining out there..heard the thump of a few cats and dogs. Nothing freaky like Portland had last night or afternoon...can't remember..but a huge crack of thunder with no lightening...what's up with that??? Man I'd be really scared.

See..just yakkin...that's all this is..nothing meaningful for ya all!! Hope your week is going well!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new grandma

well..yesterday I got a brand new grandchild, Briley Clover. She weighed in at 8.11 and 20 and 1/4 inches long. Mother Daddy and baby are all doing fine!! I'm exhausted from running here and running there with a broken toe..not to mention being very sick on my anniversary getaway. This grandma feels like an old lady!!! But, things will calm down I'm sure. I don't do even good stress as well lately...heh.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love yourself!

Do you find yourself with boyfriends or girlfriends (if you're a guy) that hurt you? Mistreat you? Look deep within and see how you feel about yourself. Do you feel you are unlovable? Do you reject yourself? If so, you will unconsciously gravitate toward the opposite sex who will confirm that what you believe about yourself is true. If you meet someone who is kind and wants to love you, inside that doesn't match up, so you reject that person and tell yourself.."there's something wrong with this person if he loves ME". Once you realize how loved you are by God and are of great worth, then you'll unconsciously gravitate toward a kind man (woman). Their love for you will fit with your new feelings of worth and value and you won't be so quick to reject them. I know this to be true as this was me not so long ago.