Friday, May 25, 2012


oh..was just sittin here staring and waiting for the familiar page to post..duh..they've changed things.  You know I don't get that..when facebook, for example, makes changes they're never something easier for the user, so am guessing it's all about "them"..the owners.

Hubby will be home this next week..That means a few changes like getting dressed before noon..not checking Twitter or Facebook every hour.  A trial run for when he retires.

Bought a new stainless steel refrigerator.  I like it except it shoots ice out of the door dispenser like a machine gun.  I don't look good with an eye patch so ducking out of the way.  A repairman is coming next, where did I put that old hard hat?

Hope you have a great week and keep safe over Memorial weekend!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Well..had dinner with my oldest on thursday..didn't know that was the mother's day celebration so NOTHING happening on hoo.  I have another daughter and a son.  Asked daughter to go to church with me on Mother's doesn't speak to me so nothing happening there.  But, you know what?  I've finally reached a plateau.  I have zero expectations and that has helped me cope with the sadness.  When I invited my daughter to church I fully expected the liklihood of a negative reply so was able to say "Ok, if you change your mind you know where it is".  As for my son..he's an adult and can choose who he wants to  hang out with and it's not me.  I try to stay focused on a loving God and not look to the left or right where I see children honoring and loving them moms.  Of course, they were good moms and I had many failings.  I'm thankful for the forgiveness my Heavenly Father has bestowed on me and perhaps one day I'll get a wonderful surprise when that spills over to my kids.  I babysit a lot for my grandkids and know I am being used by my daughter, but how can I change that?  I love my grandkids!  As you can see by my writing this blog, I really am not ok with the whole thing and am quite sad.  But, this, too, shall pass.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Things are changing

oh Obama has approved gay marriage.  My mind is blown once again by how things are changing and getting farther and farther from God's word.  Bible said this would happen in end times so I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.  It mentions even the elect will be led astray and they have.  God help us.  Each person has free will, something God gave us, but I don't think He had this in mind.  We will see when Jesus returns and it's time to stand before God with our good, our bad and our ugly.  Above all, I will love others regardless of their choices, but I might totally disagree with their lifestyle.  I know that's possible..Jesus demonstrated that by dying for us while we were in our sin.  I'm a sinner saved by grace. Amen!