Monday, February 27, 2012


Doc said "lose some weight". Hubby brought home his " little piece of equipment" that extends to 60 inches and taller than either of us. Elliptical. I called the dr to make sure it was ok for me to get on this thing and he said "start slow..five minutes or so to begin". Five minutes??? I'm still trying to get it up to 2 minutes..hahaha. But, it's been 4 days and I hit the 5 min mark..I'm so's like climbing the washington monument and at the last step would be the first half min on this machine..but I'll get it by golly. I think I burn a lot of calories just in that horrible 5 minutes. I haven't even brought in the arms yet...wish me luck!!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm really not a blogger am I. A true blogger wouldn't let this much time pass by without blogging something.

Yesterday we thought we'd become new grandparents, but the hospital didn't agree and sent everybody home. The C-section is scheduled for Feb 28th now. Another little one to perhaps babysit from time to time. Problem's getting harder and harder when they reach about six months, especially if heavy kids. What happened to featherweights? I weighed 4 lbs (month early) so I bet my grandparents had trouble losing me not dropping me. The time since that event has been 69 years and trust me..I blinked as a newborn..then when I opened my eyes I was 'elderly'. Yeah, that's a real word that actually applies to me now. Yikes.

You think of all kinds of things about yourself, your future, even your death, but never do you envision being "elderly". It's kinda interesting. My fingers have always been blunt and a nail biter. But Arthritis has moved in to the joints and now my hands operate differently. It must happen at night while asleep cuz I never see the swelling happening.

Energy is less. I have a choice between napping or drinking more coffee to get a new boost for the day. Quicker to have the coffee. but, my new found energy seems to end up in the bathroom after I drink it.

Inside resides this really young thin girl. That's the weird part. A glance in the mirror is mind boggling. Who IS that 'elderly' person reflecting back?

But, by gum, I do still have my own teeth.

Friday, February 10, 2012

the weekend's here

hip hip hooray, the weekend is here..that means a happy husband will come charging through the door this afternoon. Ok..Bob never charges..but you know what I mean.

Tonight we're going to a Marriage Seminar with Gary Smalley..lots of laughs and wisdom will be dished out for our enjoyment and enrichment. It's tonight and also tomorrow morning...that's cruel starting something at 8:00am on the one day we can sleep in isn't it.

Here's a couple of cute pictures of my granddaughter eating spaghetti..ok..she's 10 months in these pictures..that's her big sister Mia with her in one of them.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wed Feb 8, 2012

Good Morning! Just returned from seeing "Smash" .. no, not that new TV show, my mammogram..chuckle. Had blood work done also. My annual physical at United Airlines is coming up later this month so gettin some of the preliminaries

Listen to this song and see if it doesn't move you!!

Sippin a Starbucks coffee and burping up one of their breakfast sandwiches..YUM! I had planned to go back to bed after this appt, but now the coffee's kickin in and I'm wired, baby!!

I had Briley yesterday..23 lbs of movement..I'm a sore grandma today. Get to do it again tomorrow. This is the last week of two days a week..I will miss her, but not the pain. She's starting day care two days a week..finally will have other kidlets to play learn to share Briley or Nanny will get you!!!

Ok, that was silly. I'm listening to that song mentioned above AGAIN and it makes me happy!