Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm waiting for the words "you've got mail"

I long to hear those words "you've got mail" cuz that means the US Post Office found the vacation mail they've been holding while hubby and I were cruising in Mexico. Oh sure, I know there's bills in there..perhaps an AARP magazine reminding me of my age..but I still want it. I did everything right..filled out the yellow card, had the right dates..used good penmenship, too. I've called all the people and got someone who works in the "we hold your mail" place. "I'll call you back" he says. That was yesterday..hello? This is important yanno. FINE..they can pay my gas bill. Then maybe I'll hear the words "You've got gas"!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen..hear ye hear ye!! I am back from my cruise. Fat and happy. It lasted ten days. We drove from Oregon to Californa and left out of San Francisco on the princess star ship. 3000 passengers..most of whom were seniors like us. No bikini clad babes for bob to ogle..poor deprived baby.

We stopped at the Catalina Islands. Had a bus tour. Learned some things about the town....there's a 3rd street but no 1st, 2nd or 4th street. There a Bird Park with no birds. The Casino allows no gambling, and they named a street

Eucalyptis but it's one of the few streets that DON'T have a Eucalyptis tree on it. We had planned to do a zip line there (not offered by the cruise) but were nervous about the time..had only a few hours in afternoon there.

We got dressed up for the first formal night
. This is the ship's photographer's rendition..too pink for my taste, but we are yukkin it up so that's good huh? We don't gamble, drink or dance but still managed to enjoy ourselves. The food..oh's to die for!!! We ate our breakfasts at the buffet..well lunch too, except if we'd gone ashore.

Our 2nd stop was at Puerto Varralla. We went on another tour there..stops at a Taquila distillary where I had coffee flavored and vanilla taquila samples. At 38.00 a bottle we didn't buy any. Bob doesn't nor has he ever had a drink of any alcohol..don't want to ruin that record. She was a nice tour guide and her van had air. This was a tour not booked through the cruise either.

In between stops we had days at sea. We next went to Cabo and had a nice bus tour of San Jose. Saw the glass factory. This was the finished product in the picture.

We stopped at a fancy hotel and photo op. Then the town of San Jose where we saw a church, art stores and the local styles. Again, we had a nice guide. The bus was huge and even had a bathroom on it. No, I didn't.

Next stop was San Diego where we had some family come to join us and took us to a mall. We had some fun there. Here's a few pics of that time with Bob's brother, sister and nephew. After they returned us to the ship I ran ahead and bob took my picture while I was on top of the bridge of the ship.

After San Diego a day at sea. This last picture is the Titanic..the later years..haha. We had fun. We ate, hot tubbed, ate, swam, ate, went to movies and shows on stage, then walked all over the ship then ate some more!!! It was glorious and I can't wait to go again!!