Friday, April 30, 2010


It's Friday and that means pizza and a video at my house!! Oh, how I dread using the Red Box tho. (shhh I already know about netflix..don't remind me). Trying to pick out a movie with some hairy guy in a tank top breathing down the back of your neck..not good. I'll end up with wanting a romantic movie, but getting Terminator six or something from the pressure. When you return a movie, you stand in the same line just to stick the movie into the slot. Give me a break!!! They gotta change that.

Speaking of pizza. Oh we weren't? Well, it's in the title ya nit!!! haha. Anyway, have you seen that commercial where they go to get pizza at at resturant and watch this guy rolling the dough all over his body? Around the back of his neck..eeeewwwww...get me outta there!!! Yeah I know cooking in a 500 degree oven COULD remove neck cooties, but why chance it.

But all this slips into the back of my mind when I'm curled up with my hubby, shoving a slab of Papa Murphy into my "chops" while watching a movie. Tonight it's Taco where did I put that bottle of Beano? Have a great weekend bloggers and bloggettes. Flo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Clink Woosh"

I bet you're wondering about that title.."Clink Woosh". That is the sound of a Senior moment.

I had been summoned to the Hospital as my husband had driven himself there with bleeding from an earlier surgery. They did a 2nd surgery. I thought it would be helpful to go get his pain medication while he was in recovery. A favor. A $150.00 favor as it turned out.

On my way out the door of the Hospital I decided to stop at the restroom. I hung my purse on the hook inside and draped my car keys across it. After doing my biz...I got up and as I washed my hands, the automatic flusher went into action. "Woosh."

I grabbed my purse from the hook and didn't remember the keys. I heard a "clink" behind me. I turned around and heard "woosh" and watched my keys go where the sun don't shine!

I returned to my husband to get his car keys and received a thick slurred tongue lashing from a guy high on drugs from his surgery. Now, I try to keep my keys in my purse til I'm at the car.
I tried to be repentant, truly I did, but it struck me so funny. sense of humor when money is involved. Have a great day!! Flo

On a serious note...How do you handle loss?

I will usually post goofy stuff..but there's a serious side to me as well. Here's my attempt at a serious blog:

How does one deal with loss? My pastor's daughter just gave birth to a baby girl..a few days later her 4 yr old sister passes out. An inoperable brain tumor. She was put on life support. Then came death..all before a week's time. There's another little girl in the family who has no clue why her older sister is gone and this new baby is here. Was there a trade? How do you deal with that?

Being a Grandmother, I've gone through a couple situations with my grandson where he was not expected to live. I watched my daughter suffer as she feared the worst. I was facing the loss of a grandchild. Double trouble.

Here's the difference between getting through it and not being able to get out of bed from grief.


All my hope is wrapped up in trusting Jesus to know what He's doing. I choose not to ask why. I choose not to raise my fist in His face, although He can take it.

In my grandson's situation, I chose to believe life and mercy. When the enemy of my soul would come creepin around whispering "he's gonna die", or "aren't you mad at God for not doing anything?" I chose to rebuke him in the name of Jesus. As long as my focus was on the Lord, not the circumstances I was strong, I was at peace. One day I let my guard down, I wasn't focusing on Jesus, I was wringing my hands in terror. My peace was GONE!! I walked around the house crying all day long. I was back on track the next day and was able to walk in peace again. HE does make a difference.

My pastor loves the Lord with all his heart and soul. I trust Jesus is pouring out a huge portion of peace into this man and his family. Like the bible says..we don't grieve as those who have no hope. We KNOW we'll see our loved ones again. What do the unsaved say to themselves for comfort? Memories can only take you so far. I am praising God that on that April day in 1975 I chose Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Never will I face life's blows alone. I hope you know Him. In this world we WILL have tribulation, but facing them without Jesus, unthinkable. Flo


Newbie..uncharted waters..venturing into the unknown world of BLOGGING. Be kind.
This may be like a slow leak in a birthday balloon, but what the hay huh? Putting thoughts and fun things on here will at least give my facebook friends a reprieve..haha. So, to anyone soooo bored they actually read this...welcome to Yakkin with Flo. It's Tuesday afternoon in beautiful Oregon. Weather report: rain, chance of showers, drizzles, intermittant sun, and occasional downpour of persians and dobermans. Ok bye.