Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Hope you all have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!! Hubby is outside hammering out a deck and I've just returned from what felt like a long long walk. No big plans which is fine with me. I don't want to be on any freeway this weekend!!! Hmmmm smell the bacon cooking?? Is there anything better? Have a good one!! Flo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"You wanna check that, Sir?"

Today I put my daughter and granddaughter on an airplane to go to Arizona.
Better them than scares me to fly.
I can tear up an arm rest in under 10 seconds. It's the "feeling fearful" that I hate! Only if I take a lot of drugs can I get on that thing. In fact, I become my husband's carry-on. "You wanna check that Sir?" "NO".

My husband took the afternoon off to drive up to Portland with me. I think he figures getting on an airplane is enough stress for them without adding my driving. Hey..I drive just fine thank you! I used to give drive tests at DMV yanno. According to my invisible clipboard, my husband has failed the drive test numerous times!!

But, I'm glad he's driving. It's a long and lonely ride back otherwise!! He is my best friend after all. I don't let a few stops in the crosswalk or running a red light change that fact!! Haha.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Husband: What are you doing today?
Wife: Nothing
Husband: You did that yesterday.
Wife: I wasn't finished.

Husband: Where do you want to go for our anniversary?
Wife: Someplace I've not been to in a long time.
Husband: How bout the kitchen.

Whacka Whacka!!! Have a great weekend Hooligins!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A fire was not His plan.

God was watching over us this last week. We had a hasty departure to California as Bob's sister was dying. We left Monday evening, and returned Sunday evening. When we opened the front door we heard this sound we should not be hearing...a clothes dryer RUNNING!!! I had a load in and did not turn off dryer as I didn't want the clothes to mildew. It was to gradually slow down as the clothes dried then shut itself off. It did not. When I opened the dryer door, there was enough lint in there to stuff a pillow!!! Why it didn't catch fire remains a mystery, but God did not approve a plan to have our house burn down while we were grieving the loss of a family member!! We are grateful!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Farewell to a sister

A week ago Bob and I received a call that his sister was dying. We quickly threw some things in a suitcase and drove from Oregon to Southern California. Bob was able to say his farewell and on our way home back to Oregon, we got the call she had passed away. We thank God we got there in time to say goodbye. At first I didn't know what to make of it...over 20 people in that tiny house, kids climbing on great grandma even tho basically she was almost in a coma. Lots of kisses, whispered "I love you"s, stroking her head. I sang in her ear..poor woman, no where to get away from that..heh. She had a lot of family who loved her to the end. I hope I have that kind of farewell.

Bob had his birthday in the middle of all this drama. They gave him a piece of cake and held a cigarette lighter over it and sang. He got a card signed by several. When we went to Denney's to get his free breakfast, the staff gathered round and sang..never saw that at a Denney's before.

On our drive back, Bob caved and gave a guy five bucks...said his car was broke down across freeway on other side. The guy didn't pan handle Bob, just had the sign. Bob asked "what's wrong with your car?" Alternator. It's always the alternator isn't it. They also always seem to have cardboard and magic markers available..ever notice that? Anyway, he felt the young guy was genuine. At the next stop a girl was asking for money for her baby in sight.

We did see a funny sign on the back of a small vehicle being towed by a motor home. It read:
"Be patient, I'm pushing this great big motor home with two senior citizens inside". Cute.

There's always laughter mixed in with ever notice that? Humans are strong people that way..we can shed our tears and laugh at the same time. No sense feeling guilty about it.

Have an awesome day Bloggers!!! We're having another birthday celebration for Bob's birthday now that we're home. Never thought we'd get sick of cake...but we see it when we look in the mirror that's for sure!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I see you

Hey Flo, what do you see? "I see someone reading my Tuesday blog and that means they made it through Monday!!! Yay!!"

I'm tyin on the feedbag at noon with my friend Sharon today. Oh how I love to be with her!!! Don't you love it when you have a friend you can be yourself with 100 per cent? What a blessing. And then to top it off they laugh at your wit..can't buy that in a jar that's for sure. We might shop around after lunch. I am not really into window shopping (translation: Look at stuff you can't afford to buy.) But, her company is worth it!! She's going to introduce me to T.J. Max. Not ever been there. I hope you all have a good friend to lift your spirits and make you feel special!!! Later gaters!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A new week

Monday of a new week. A chance to do it right..whatever "it" is. I'm basking in the memories of a very good Mother's Day. My daughter even got me a corsage. First time!...Around 9 pm, hubby said "um..I'm thinking a corsage and pajamas don't mix and I'm not goin to bed with a hat pin that big..take it off!" Killjoy.

Had a funny conversation with a friend. We talked about a movie I saw last night when some young chick says to a guy to turn him on "I'm not wearing underwear". I told my friend, I hate women like that on TV. She asked if I had ever told my husband that...I said "No, but I might tell him I"m wearing "pull-ups" if he doesn't quit pouncing on me after hearing some dame on TV talkin dirty." Hahaha. Ok I know it's a turn on for guys, but I'd rather be the one turning him on and not her.

I'm gonna get in trouble for writing this..I can just feel it.

Hope you are having a great week so far and remember, "Laughter is like good medicine". Oh, and I AM wearing underwear so there!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Lord chose to bless me

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday and I'm flyin high. Tomorrow, Mother's Day, usually a stressful day spent sharing my one daughter with her inlaws, being on egg shells with the other daughter, never knowing if she'll acknowledge me or not. Add to that, a son who said " I want nothing to do with you ever again" and has stuck with that since 1997 . Mother's day can easily remind me of my failures as a mother, remind me of my own selfishness in not having it "my way", and makes my husband have to pick up the pieces and make sure the day is special anyway.

Til this year.

The Lord has chosen to bless me by granting me one of my heart's desires. Having at least one of my children in church with me on Mother's day. Lunch after with the other daughter joining us, along with a precious grandchild. My husband is free to go his own way after church and not have a starring role in the drama of his wife.

I'm so happy I could burst. I wrote on Facebook I was doin cartwheels, flip flops, etc with joy!!
Such a simple decision my daughter made.."ok I'll go to church with you, mom"....and I'm filled to the brim with happiness. It is so simple really to make someone you love happy when you think about it. It just calls for laying your desires aside, think of them and make the decision.

So, I thank the Lord that He chose to bless me this Mother's Day. I'm very happy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Good morning Bloggers!

After taking my granddaughter Mia to school, I'll come home and push a mop and wave a dust rag to prepare for company. My friend is coming over at noon with Taco Salads and we're watching "The Blindside" movie. The sun is shining. I feel good. I'm so glad I view simple pleasures with such joy inside!! I thank the Lord for this one as HE put this friend in my life, HE put the sun in the sky, and HE prompted an action by a family to show HIS love in the story in the movie we're planning to watch.

Even if, as Julie put it in the movie "Julie and Julia" "I'm sending this out into the 'void', I'm still expressing my gratitude to Jesus for His love!!!

Have a beautiful day my friends!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day

Do you have certain "special" days you wish were omitted from the calendar? I do. Mother's Day is one of them. All the dysfunctional family issues rise to the surface, the loss of one's mother, the rejection of children of their mothers, etc. You who find this a sad time can relate to me I know. May I just say, I feel your pain and this, too, shall pass!!! We got thru May Day didn't we? See..we're stronger than we think!! Some things were said that prompted this entry to my blog today and I had to unload it somewhere!! Now, I need to gear up for Father's day..that's another issue entirely. Thanks for listening. Happy Mothers Day!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Ummmm.. I'm really not finding this blog site easy to use as I just signed up to follow MYSELF!!
I want followers, but not that badly..haha.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pete and Repete

This morning in church I sat behind the same beautiful Russian girl I sat behind last week. Last week our conversation went like this: I leaned forward before service started, "What's your first name?"

"Yelena" She said, turning around to look at me.

"Oh, my nephew is married to a girl who's name is similar, it's Albina...she's Russian..oh wait, you're Russian, too..DUH" We laughed.
Today's conversation when like this: I leaned forward before service, "Remind me, what is your first name?"

"Yelena" She said, once again turning around to look at me.

"Oh, my nephew is married to a girl who's name is similar, it's Albina...she's Russian..oh wait, you're Russian, too." Unbelievable...I said the exact same thing as last week. Talk about a Senior moment, great zot!!

For starters the names Albina and Yelena are nothing alike!! But, to repeat a dumb statement two weeks in a row is really bad. I told her (cuz I caught it right away...someday I won't) "I feel like I'm having dejavu". We laughed...but inside I was sooooo embarressed.

Yelena and I are facebook friends..hope she doesn't delete me cuz that was SCARY!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I don't get it

So, someone has a terrible accident while they were drinking. They survive it. To celebrate the anniversary of it, because they know it's a miracle they lived, they party with booze. I don't get it.