Tuesday, October 23, 2012

falling out

to have a falling out with family is bad enough...but right before the's a bummer with a capitol B.  We need to pray for each other!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Melt Down

Wow..been a long time since I've had a total meltdown.  Throwing stuff, shrieking, crying, etc.  I'm having 8 people for dinner Saturday night so I'm cleaning house like crazy.  I'm in pain with arthritic fingers as I do it.  Then along came the ants.  Quietly, quickly, with that innocent look on their tiny faces as they sent me into a tirade.  A word to the wise..when in a melt not..I not call 411 information.  I wanted to ask Round Table Pizza a question.  No phone number in the phone book, didn't occur to look on internet til after my call to information.   City and State?  Keizer, Oregon.  "Keezer, Or-RE-gone?  yes..Round Table Pizza...she just could NOT get Round Table I began yelling it...finally I began again saying Restaurant when she asked and then in a dialect that totally escapes me proceeded to rattle off names of restaurants in Keezer, Or-RE-gone.    Now, in addition to ants I have to buy a new cell phone..haha...j/k.  I'm over it now..sorta. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just as I thought

Well..saw the dr today..referral just as I thought.  Up in Portland 45 plus miles away just as I thought.  Which means if surgery, NO visitors except my faithful husband..just as I thought. but..if it worth it right?  Right..just as I thought.  Hope you all are having a great day!!  Good..just as I thought! 

My grandbaby Briley is coming today..cartwheel..we'll have fun..We always do..just as I thought.   Ok bye now.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

100 year celebration and great reunion

Last Sunday I went to the 100 year celebration of Salem First Church of the Nazarene in Salem, Oregon.  My first pastor was there.  H. B. London.  This was back in the 70s and because of him I'm alive.  Not necessarily the part he played in my salvation..which was huge.  But, because of his prayer one Friday afternoon that God would remove my smoking habit from me.  I was already experiencing shortness of breath at age 32.  At my current age of almost 70, I'd be dead.
He baptized me, he performed my marriage ceremony, dedicated my kids, came to hospital for each surgery and/or birth of my kids.  He was involved in his people big time!!!

Over the years, I divorced and left the church to my ex husband.  But, it will always be my church home. Coming back for this celebration proved that to me as I saw so many dear dear friends from over the years. I attended Salem First Naz for 24 years.  Wonderful years.

Here's a few pics of the celebration. First picture..spotted HB and ran to give him a bear hug!!

This next picture posing together.

This is Bev..HB's wife.  She played the piano and was a faithful servant. Classy lady who forgot to age when I saw her at the celebration..but I don't hate her for that.

This is Sue, HB's secretary for 40 years. When he left Salem Naz to go pastor a church in Pasadena she went with him, then when he went to be on staff at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colo. she went with him there.  Dedicated employee!!! We are Facebook friends, too, so I can keep in touch!!  Now that HB is retired she stayed in Colorado while HB moved to Palm Desert, CA.