Tuesday, November 30, 2010


cough cough cough cough cough cough cough..and that's all I have to say about that!

This hearse was being driven up some San Francisco hills..suddenly, the back doors swung open and the casket fell went bumping and jumping thru the streets...crashed through a Walgreens store, slid down the center isle, coming to a rest at the pharmacy counter. The lid s-l-o-w-l-y opened up..the man sat up and said.."hey, can you give me something to stop this coffin'?"

ok, bye.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

head roll

I'm sick, so will not be posting til I feel better. Coughing my head if you see a grey haired head rollin around that's about 68 yrs's mine..please return it for repairs..thanks!!! Have a good week hepcats!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey kabobs, turkey stew, turkey cassrole....

Thanksgiving is over for another year. Had a few funny moments (at the time it wasn't funny).

I purchased new stainless steel cookware and when instructions say use lower gotta pay attention!!! I was cooking the gravy and moved it from a medium low burner to medium...St Helens erupted!!! I had gravy everywhere but in the pan!!! I'm actually scared of my own cookware!!!

The day started at 4:30 AM when I left a perfectly warm cozy bed and wandered into the kitchen and decided to prep and put the bird into the roaster oven (it's new so wasn't aware of how swiftly it cooks). I was using the slow method...20 minutes at 450..the rest of the time at 250. By 10:00 AM my hubby was carving a turkey meant for 2:00 PM guests. You know how they say a turkey is done if you can easily wiggle it's legs? This one was actually doin a bow legged stance on its own!!! Haha. But, that was ok in the long run cuz all I had to do was warm it back up in foil. Bob so wanted a Norman Rockwell scene..nice brown turkey on a platter while he stood over it with his knife and sharpening rod. Maybe next year!!

We had a flurry of activity when guests arrived and gettin all the pans emptied into serving was amazing how the men stayed hidden at that moment..grrrr...I think they felt entering the kitchen at that moment would be akin to goin' into a bee hive. But, we got it on the table..took a deep breath and asked God to bless it all. Without HIM it's just a big meal that leaves you moaning and groaning and gulping antacids, not to mention the weight gain!! But, sharing the day with our friends, laughing, watching "Miracle on 34th St." and just enjoying our bounty was awesome!! God has blessed me and I am very thankful!!!!

Now, I wish Forest Gump's friend, Bubba, was here so he could give me turkey suggestions like turkey kabobs, turkey stew, turkey sandwiches, turkey ala king, turkey mash........

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Yard Has Dandruff

My yard has dandruff..cold dandruff. Now, I can't make a snowman out of snow basically this is a visual deal. Look at it..period. Oh, and it looks icy as there's the danger part. Hubby made it to work cuz I got no phone call to the contrary. He's from California, but still navigates through bad weather like a little pro here in Oregon. I'm scared of it. I'd be nervous walkin to the mailbox at this point. But, when you're 68, there's that "you'll break a hip" thing I have to consider, right? So, I'm stayin put. I have a cold, so I'm not getting dressed today. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. Achoooo! See? Told ya. I still have to cook that bird in the middle here!! haha

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Thanksgiving week. Lots of farewell parties for Tom..gobble gobble. Boxes of Stove Top are flyin off the shelves and houses are being cleaned in anticipation of lots of company. Legs dangling under the Thanksgiving table and bowls of old favorites dot the table landscape. Green bean casserole, mashed taters and gravy, sweet potatoes with giant marshmellows melting, fruit salads and wiggly jello salads. Along the kitchen counters are pumpkins pies and tubs of cool whip. It's all good.
Some families will share what they are thankful for, others might bicker. There'll be piercings, tattoos, grey buns on backs of old heads, boyfriends, husbands, "partners", it's all there with as much variety as the menu. We really all want everyday to be Thanksgiving day I think. We want family, we want unlimited food, we want a spirit of thankfulness and we want the day off. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times. This year we almost ended up just my husband and me as our family members all are going elsewhere, but some friends of ours are alone, too, so we'll blend our food and have a great time!!! If you are alone and have a bird to bake, invite someone else cuz you might make their day!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Today's my 68th birthday. Unbelievable!! You go to bed a hip, energetic mere slip of a girl of 67, and bam!!! You wake up old. Where'd these wrinkles come from?? Were they there yesterday?
But the main thing is...I WOKE UP!! Thank you Lord for 68 years on this earth!! I look forward to 68 more...oh wait..that'd make me live to age 136. I'd have to move to the Incas or something to be that old!!!

I was taken out to dinner last night by my oldest daughter, Kathy. We had a great time together! Free Breakfast at Denny's is comin up this morning with a friend, and nice dinner tonight with hubby is on the horizon!!! Life is good!! So, basically, I'm a happy, fat, elderly person who refuses to grow up!!! Cartwheel!! Did you see that?? Want to see it again? Cartwheel. Ok done!!
Have a great day friends, I know I'm going to!!! It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...hahaha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

no animals were harmed!

I bought myself a birthday present. I'm sure no animals were harmed in the making of this handbag!!! It's not a's not an's fake better be..I might have to cut off the strap it's soooo snakelike!!! ugh. I like it however and I'm 68 almost so I can do what I wanna!!!!! I've posted two pictures, cuz that first one doesn't have the right "color"..hahaha....Ok..later gaters (no no it's not made of gater either!!!!)

A Moment of laughter

It's very windy out there. I told my granddaughter we need to put a big rock in her lunch bag so when I drop her off at school she won't blow away..she rewarded my silliness with a laugh. We need to be upbeat and silly with our grandkids!! In this moment of joy with Mia, there were no thoughts of bills to pay, car trouble, no sickness...just two people 60 plus years apart in age sharing a laugh. It's a powerful thing, laughter. I love bein a grandma!! I thank the Lord for my silly side, too. Building memories in a child's life they'll never forget!! It's all good.

TIP: To make housework fun for kids, write simple chores on pieces of paper and put them into a big jar. Let the children draw a chore out. Simple things like: dust living room furniture. Empty dishwasher. Make your bed. Clean the sink in bathroom. etc...That worked for me .. well .. the one or two times we lived in a place long enough to clean it. HAHA. Moving often will cut the housework down a bit.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Freaky dream Nov 16

Wow..woke up with the aftermath of a freaky dream which made NO sense at all!! But, someone skilled in dream interpretation could probably tell me all about it. There were walls that (thank God) moved (I'm claustrophobic), a scene that had Anne Hathaway in it (I know guys would have loved that) there was like a water table with pink tinged water rushing through..I thought blood in the dream..then someone was coming to "collect" me..yikes!!! I mean I didn't even have a snack after what's up with my brain? I often take a sleeping pill and sleep without dreaming or at least forgetting what I dreamed. For sure not having the emotional aftermath like this one. I had decided to start going to bed with my husband at 9:00 pm instead of staying up watching TV. Well, forget that noise if my dreams are gonna be weird!!! He can go to bed alone..heh. It's probably related to having eaten half a cow for dinner...huge steaks. Hmmm wonder what a fish stix dream would be like? Have a great day hepcats!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

This was a line from a book I am reading..I thought it was sooooo funny wanted to share!!! If you have Facebook and are my friend, never mind cuz it'll be a re-run!!!

"Can I borrow your boat?"

"Sure, why? You goin' fishin' ?"


"Got worms?"

"Yeah, but I'm goin' anyway!!"


I think that's a thigh slapper, don't you!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marriage is work.

well..isn't it nice when you've had an argument with your spouse to see things slowly return to normal? No big speeches. Nope, not even apologies. Just get up, dress for church, eat your waffle all in silence..but then..the small talk begins. It's slow...but oh, it's a blessing. I hate disagreements, truly I do. I feel isolated and doubt my spouse is working through some of those same emotions. But, we talked at lunch, each are doing their own thing at home now..he's watching sports on TV and I'm at the computer, the chill in the air is lifting like the early morning fog as the voice tones return to normal. To talk about bring up the argument at all could begin a new this works best for us...sometimes. Not always. Marriage is where we see how selfish we are. I've got lots of work left to do in that area..we both do. But, marriage IS work. The pay might be minimum wage, but the benefits and bonuses are worth it!!

We've traveled through other relationships at our age and are still unpacking "baggage" from those 'trips' taken before we met. Someday they'll be all unpacked...then of course, we'll be in Heaven when that happens!! Ha! I'm determined to choose an unselfish act today in my marriage...wish me luck...or better yet, pray for me!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

criticism hurts

Please don't criticize the one you love. There's got to be a better way. In marriage men may wonder why the wife is backing up...keeping distance...what they fail to see is critical words hurt and make the person want to avoid the pain. What happened to "bite your tongue"? What is behind a critical spirit I wonder? Is it a habit learned in childhood? Is it conceit because we don't do it their way? Is it just advice given in a harsh tone? I don't know. I'm just insecure enough to feel it's a failure on my part and that when it happens often I am a total failure in that person's mind. I just wonder if it's really necessary? Does the person spitting out the harsh words feel better after? If you explain, sometimes even THAT is meant with criticism..then what? All I know to do is go crawl under the covers..hide...ponder what to do, how to make things right again? Baffling, to say the least. Maybe next time, I'll let them see the bottom side of a cast iron skillet and criticize how they look with a broken nose!!


We saw the new release in theaters of "Unstoppable". I was side 'tracked' (heh) by the potty mouths, but otherwise felt it was a good action movie. I have a backache to prove it..I was literally on the edge of my seat...I mean a runaway train does that to me. We went with another couple and each time I looked over at my friend she had her hands up to her cheeks, too. Haha..not sure what that means...fingers ready to file across the eyes maybe?

We tried to sneak into a 2nd movie "Morning Glory", but my back was so messed up from the tension of the other movie I had to leave a third of the way into it cuz I hurt so bad... (probably being punished for not paying to see that 2nd movie). That movie was also peppered with swearing. Do all people talk like that in real life? I've been sheltered the last 30 years hangin out with Christian people who DON'T. I remember old movies that had as much action and tension, but the actors were able to convey that with voice tones and facial expressions...and of course their colt 45.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Nov. 12th

Coffee. I love coffee. It's not that it tastes good really. I even "enjoy" bad coffee. Coffee made while camping..boiled in a rusty old perculator..luke warm coffee...but, I draw the line at weak coffee. That's just nasty water. But, coffee that causes curly hairs to grow on my chest I love!!
The words "Let's go get a cup of coffee...or Do you want to come over for coffee?" Those kind of statements/questions create a whole scene in my mind and heart. I don't think it's the beverage of choice as much as it's the togetherness. It is "I want to spend time with you" Just looking at a TV show where they hold a coffee mug gets to me. I want to be there..I want to hold a mug, too!! I watch steam wisping up from the them blow in it to cool it all creates a warmth inside me of friendship and love. It's the first thing I do each morning..stumble out to my single serve coffee maker, pop in a pod, listen to the strange sounds it makes as it's providing me a wake up cup of Joe. I carry it over to the computer, read messages and slirp the dark strong "Friend". I can feel the fog lifting and my eyes opening fully.
I'm sure there are those who get all this with tea. But, cannot imagine it happening with milk.
So, here's to you fellow coffee drinkers!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soldier Boy by Flo Edmondson

A soldier walked one day
Onto a field of mines,
Because he glanced away,
He missed the footprint lines.

An explosion could be heard
Just as that line was crossed
And into smokey air
The soldier boy was tossed.

He lay there in the sand,
Ears roaring from the sound.
He felt his wounded thigh
And tried to look around.

A chopper from above
Swooped down to take this boy
Into an unknown future..
Such loss would steal his joy.

Death did not claim his life
But drugs and alcohol
Would be the chosen way
To handle life at all.

The years rolled swiftly by
As you know they often can.
The wounded soldier boy
Became a wounded man.

Not only limb was gone,
But happiness as well.
The dope and booze would soon
Spiral him down toward Hell.

But, God reached out His hand
To this man who could not cope
And said, "I love you, son"
Accept my help and hope.

So, now he's not alone
With memories of pain
For Jesus suffered, too
When on the cross was slain.

This man gave up his leg
So others could be free.
God gave up His son
To buy us liberty.

Now this soldier man
Belongs to God's army,
Someday he'll go to Heaven
And on two legs he'll be.

Thank you Veterans for your service to our country!!! Happy Veteran's Day!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Nov 10, 2010

Just took my granddaughter, Mia, to school. We talked about being kind. She's six. She snapped at me because I couldn't hear what she said and asked her to repeat it. I explained how unkind it was when someone has a problem they can't help to growl at them. Even with hearing aids I miss what people say. So much impatience in our world. Husbands do it, too. They talk from another room and growl when you didn't catch what was said...mine will repeat what he said in a real loud voice...I know it's out of anger and impatience. Kindness. I have hearing aids, but they pick up sounds I don't care about...road noise, turn signal dings, coughing/sneezing, but still words sound mushy or soft. I might start winging it. I did that once, but answered a question not asked...embarressing. All I ask is for kindness when I need something repeated, or if I'm trying someone's patience. Being harsh is will never bring anyone joy. I cannot ever picture Jesus snapping at His followers for having to repeat something. He's always kind even if we fail Him over and over. I want to be like Him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog has a New Look

Hey..check out my new look on my blog!!! It was a challenge to change it, but fun to see results!!
It rains a lot where I live, so this seems appropriate!!!! Fun Fun Fun!! Ok, bye.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 8, Birthday list for hubby

It's 11:17am..not dressed..lovin a day where I don't have to venture out. I must take a walk, tho.

I've been working on a b'day list for hubby so he has some "guidance". Don't ya hate it when they want a list..then grumble about what's on the list? "why don't you ever want something easy?" he said. I put some cookware things on it..guess he wanted me to put thongs, teddies, push up bra, and maybe chocolates on the list...ha! I'm not one of these dames with unlimited budget who can just go down and buy a pot or pan. So, I use these special occasions to request them. If I could find a certain item in the cookware then I'll let him know. I spent several years pullin my undies outta wearing a thong would drive me nuts!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nov 5th..condoms, not chocolates

OH man...I opened the newspaper and read that a couple in Silverton, Oregon handed out condoms to teenage trick or treaters...I'm shocked..I truly am!! What happened to our country...our world? Now it's "very nerdy" to be a wait until marriage to make's just another activity on a date like sippin on a cola or going to a movie. God's beautiful gift has been cheapened. He wanted that to be the most special thing for a man and woman in love, committed and promising to honor and cherish one another in marriage. Now it's so polluted that it's ugly. Guess that's the down side of living to be nearly remember when...and long for those beautiful days of innocence. People's honeymoons..well weddings, too, are just a party. Wedding nights are no longer special for couples to discover, enjoy and experience anew this gift from God. Many are already living as man and wife. It's very very sad to me.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov 4..boring housework

Don't ya hate it when the house isn't quite messy enough to prompt action? I do a little dab of housekeeping here and there..then I'm tired of it. I guess if truth were known..I'm a bit lazy!!
I think when you reach nearly 68, you should automatically get a housekeeper to do it for you cuz by then you're really really tired of it. Boring. know what else would furniture..yeah...that'd work for me...give me a new spring in my step..or even a new vac...But it IS a beautiful day and I did go for a walk so that counts for something I think. Hope you all are having a great Thursday.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ode to turkeys

If I was a turkey
So nervous I'd be.
The hatchets are comin
oh woe is me!

those crazy humans
Eat turkey like mad
When Thanksgiving comes
Us turkeys are had!!

They bake us in ovens,
Fry us in vats,
Whatever the method
they first want us fat!

Tom's havin' a party
a farewell one, not fun!
cuz once Thanksgiving is here
His life is all done.

So my advice to turkeys
on farms or out loose
Encourage your owners
They all should eat goose!!!