Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Run Without Fear

My granddaughter joined a group of about sixty runners in Water Front Park in our city in behalf of Boston.  Candice ran with my two great grandkids.  I'm so proud of her.  In the article if you go to the website I post, she wrote a comment which I thought very wise and I'm so proud of her.  Here's the site, followed by some pictures I've posted from that day.  Thanks for reading my blog.  In the group picture, Candice and the kids are front row on right (kids are wearing U of O sweatshirts).  You may have to copy and paste the link below...her comment is in the text down a ways that begins with her name, Candice Davison....

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hubby's retired!!!  Been two weeks..and well, I'm loving it.  No running off to bed by 9pm because of an early rise at 5am for him.  He can stay up with me 11:00 or later and we go to be together which he likes.  I still give him his space when he gets up earlier than I do...makes his own breakfast and is ok with that.  We're working on projects together, going on shopping quests together.  I'd say Retirement has brought us together!!!

I went to the prison where he worked and met everyone and shared in their celebration.  He was loved by the inmates and staff alike.  He always showed God's love to them and was an example of a godly man with good work ethics.

I was able to pull off a nice retirement party that night at his daughter's so I'd say he's gone out with a bang!!  Sure there's adjustments, mostly for him as he's worked so many years and I've been a homemake then retired so easier.  Congratulations Bob!!!!
  Big sub sandwich for staff and Bob.  Giant card signed by all the inmates and the plaque.

(green shirt next to girl in pink is Bob in bottom picture)