Saturday, January 29, 2011

Basket Ball

Been going on Saturdays to watch grandkids playing basket ball. One is 10 yrs old, the other is 6. Vast difference in the games. Really funny sometimes. In Mia's game, holding the ball and racing down the court is very common..heh. Traveling, hello? They get ends mixed up and try to make baskets on wrong side, it's so funny!!! But they get awarded stars for effort, Christ-likeness, offense, etc. They're getting excercise, too.

Blake's game is more professional. Improvement is seen every game. Blake holds his own, very good at guarding, running and keeping his head in the game.

Thank you Jesus for my grandkids' good health and joy that they bring me..on or off the court!! Oh...and grandmas like to play basketball, too! haha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Different Shoes

My six year old granddaughter Mia came over for the night. She had on two different shoes..haha. Not real noticable, however. This morning she wanted me to read this HUGE library book two minutes before leaving to take her to school. When I said no time..down she went and these feet with mismatched shoes were kicking the floor...what is that??? She had never had a tantrum before. I told her there wasn't time for that either and to get her coat on. All this was happening in the doorway to my bathroom where I was "trapped". Couldn't hug her or anything..first things first yanno.

So, when we arrived near her school a couple minutes early, I pulled into Toys R Us parking lot and read her a few pages of the book. Grandmas do stuff like that!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Death of an Icon

I found out excercise geru, Jack LaLanne, died yesterday at 96. I used to excercise with him during my 20's. I'd watch him on tv with my towel and chair. I remember thinking he's sure old even then..haha. I think not only did he keep moving his body, but I think he was a decent guy and stable husband, which I truly believe is all part of longevity. Good attitude, maintaining good relationships and healthy body all working together against the environment poisons. I have a long way to go. Wish I could remember what we actually did with that towel and chair, though.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

fullness of God

Someone sent me an email with this internet address (you'll need to copy and paste into your browser probably.

It took my breath away in awe and wonder. Something about the beautiful music and visual together just made me feel the fullness of God big time!!! God speaks to me in beauty like this!!

Hope you listen and sense His presence also!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my masked man

This picture reminds me of my marriage. We are as different as night and day, yet if I relax and let him be him, taking care of me in his way, things go pretty smoothly. Now, if I resisted, fought him all the way, we'd both end up with battle scars. When you're dating, you tend to pretend. Pretend to like the same things cuz you're scoring points. After that last bell rings and you're married...the real 'us' emerges. Sometimes it's not a pretty picture til you get it and find your groove. Anyway this reminds me of Bob and how he cares for me...except he never ever wears a mask..well, now let me think..maybe he does if he's not showing his true feelings in order to keep peace. Good thought, Flo. Meanwhile I'll try to relax in his arms and not worry what's going on behind any mask he wears!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

How important is a gal of milk?

I'm lookin outside at what appears to be a slippery slope. Not sure what's the condition of the roads. I need to buy groceries, but am chicken. Waiting and watching for signs of melting....ain't happenin yet. How important is a gallon of milk? Called hubby and he made it to work..but he's braver and his tires are fatter. Oh wait..wait just a ding dang moment..I think I see some sun tryin to shine..hard to tell since I haven't washed our kitchen windows in years. Well, you try jumping up onto your counters at age 68 and crouching. Yeah...I even have extra life insurance just for walking to the mailbox..weak sister!! Anyway..I'll keep watching cuz the groceries won't buy themselves now will they!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


_)(*&^%$#@@...COMPUTERS!!! Just when I think I'm finally growing up, I have a mechanical problem with my printer. Next thing I know, my fingers are all inky, I'm out of breath and my ink cartridges are hurled out into the room. Those suckers can really fly..just enuff weight distrubution or something.

My printer first kept telling me it was a paper jam...WHERE??? Somewhere in Jersey??? There ain't no paper in that machine..I unplugged it and sluthed it out with my then I started removing the ink cartridges to check them and now new warning...first check cartridge on right, (black)...did no avail...then removed colored cartridge..and put them back it's not likin the colored one. Then the spewing of spit and cartridges began as I reverted to a 3 yr old and had a major tantrum.

Now of course it's so messed up I couldn't print even a "test" sheet. I'm giving up. I'm 68..these things could cause me to have a stroke or something. Not worth it!!!! I'll come back to it later after some Earl Grey.

And you thought I was perfect didn't ya!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dry as a Bone

I'm dry as a bone. Nothing comes to mind to blog about. A blog is a terrible thing to waste.

Started "The Truth Project" at church. Talk about!!! It's sponsored by Focus on the Family and delves into basically the following question: Do you really believe that what you believe is really true? There's about 11 videos that talk about truth in relation to God. It's powerful and it's my third trip thru. He likens it as a tour...fabulous stuff!!!!

Otherwise..I'm dry as a bone.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

it's 1/1/11 Happy New Year

Gone..the tree, the wall hangings, the stockings and nutcrackers from the mantle. Just like that..umpteen trips up the ladder to attic and Christmas is hibernating, unseen, but certainly remembered.

We had a nice season. One of our prodigals returned...not mine unfortunately, but I'm happy for Bob and his son. We spent Christmas Eve at my daughter's and the other daughter entered the room 7 months pregnant to surprise her older sister. Gasp. But, we had a really fun time with family on my side..If my son would have appeared it would be perfect (except for the trip to ER I'd have had at the shock of him being there!!) Mia was there, but my great grandkids were in Washington..snif.

Christmas morning Bob and I opened our gifts. He went for quality, I went for quanity..both made us smiley!! Then later we went over to his daughters' house and had a wonderful, food festing, game playing good time!

We spent New years eve eating at Red Lobster followed by a late movie.."The Tourist". It was a win win situation...Angelina J. for him, Johnny Depp for me...otherwise a confusing movie.

Happy New Year everybody!! I hope I can write some fun blogs in 2011!!!