Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday! Oh, I know...everyday is Friday when retired, but I know it's a longed for day for those with jobs!!

Today I'm thankful for Jesus, weekends, happy husbands, Orange Juice, humor and good health.

This weekend we plan pizza out tonight (oh and I'm thankful for pizza..wink). Then Saturday night we're going to go see "Courageous" movie with some friends..Sunday is church (cartwheel), then lunch out...yes, my life has a lot of food in it!!! I'm a foodie. Never said I wasn't. haha. Have a good weekend hepcats!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm thankful.

Today I'm thankful for: Sleeping in. Eggs. Sunshine without being too hot. Lunch date with a friend. Washer and dryers..sure beats pounding clothes on a rock, right? My husband. hand-me-down clothes that fit, my name a few. Hope your day goes well!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I miss the old days

I miss the old days. Days of women dressing modestly unless they were prostitutes. These days there is no modesty. Young women are getting breast implants and want to show their goods. No thought for the message they are sending to men. If a godly man is trying to please God by not lusting after women, these wardrobes make it almost impossible for the guy. I wonder if guys miss women who remained chaste until they considered not only very old fashioned, but weird as well by both sexes. I remember when I was engaged to my husband at age 57, many thought it strange that we waited until marriage to have sex. Now..the wedding night is usually just another date or night if living together. Yep, I miss those days. Maybe it's because I was terribly hurt by an unfaithful husband years ago that these things bother me. It's only going to get worse on TV and in Movies..especially as the gay movement increases..when that happens and it's all openly done on shows, that's when my tv will be thrown out the window I'm afraid.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

changes changes changes

Changes changes changes. Those who know me know I'm addicted to Facebook. All that social interaction..woot woot!! However, having said that..I am NOT crazy about all the "updates" they are making which cause me to hunt for what used to be familar territory on there. I guess they have their reasons..I guess..did I mention I GUESS?'s sure not to make things easier for the members that's for sure!!! Did I say sure twice?? I sure did!!!! See? It has me all discombooberated..well I know it's NOT a word ya nit..but this is MY blog right? hehe...ok I wasn't tryin to be happens naturally when my brain is fried from changes changes changes.

Ok bye.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fun is hard on old people

Having a great vacation. Drove down to california with daughter and two kids. Went to Knox Berry farm where I rode this bad to 82 mph in 2.5 seconds..face lift that's for sure!!! Knox Berry has tons of rides..not much farming going on there!!

Next we went to Disneyland..rode this one there..Splash Mountain..believe it or not..we had fun being scared outta our gourds

Now we are staying with family. Today hubby is unwell..I think having fun is hard on us Seniors..haha. Today we meet at a Mexican restaurant to spend time with extended family. Should be fun!!

Next stop on the coast to see a friend..then home to recover!!!