Monday, August 15, 2011


We just finished 8 ball games in a row..eating at the stadium. I can't look a hot dog in the face. Tonight..meatloaf, corn on cob, salad, baked taters. YUM! I'm having only fruit/vege plate for lunch. Maybe over dosing on nitrites does that to ya. It's been fun, tho. We get a week off, then another 8 game stand..cept we'll miss the last two going on vacation!!! In spite of rare peeks of sunshine, it's been a good summer..a quick summer...Have a good week!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Planning vacation. Taking Bob's two grandkids to Disneyland. Drive down..Bob's daughter and the grands will fly home and we'll motor around California visiting family in the Ontario area. Probably be stone broke by then..haha. Bob wanted to do this trip before retiring. We took his grandkids once before but Stella was too young to remember, so this is mainly a trip for her, but didn't think we could get away with not taking Blake, too.

I hope we can someday take Briley, but she's only 5 months old now. We took Mia, her sister, a couple years ago. It's a mix of joy and egads!!!

Bob is browsing motels right's his gig so I'm not helping with that part.

Have a great week!! We have our 4th ball game out of 8 in a row tonight...I'm so full of nitraites it's pitiful!!! haha...

Monday, August 8, 2011

biker chick

A guy from church invited me to go on a motorcycle ride Sunday. It was a blast!! We went a total of about 90 miles..saw Silver Creek Falls, rode through Mehama and I LOVE the curvy roads. Not crazy about freeway and high speed. Here's a few pictures.

The guys who came along are all part of a Christian Motorcycle group called "Honor Bound". They are from our church. I felt safe and like a carefree young girl on the ride!! It had been 40 years since I rode and I did just fine. Jeff, my bike driver, said he hardly knew I was behind him..yeah!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

nothin in particular

I guess I've proven in order to be a blogger...I need a theme. Like in that movie Julie & Julia her theme was to cook thru Julia Childs' cookbook til she'd fixed all the recipes. I don't have that kind of discipline, probably.

Life is whizzing by and it's pretty calm right now. I'm enjoying my grandkids, facebook, church stuff, and planning this year's vacation with my husband. One thing he wants to do it looks like won't work financially, so back to the drawing board as they say. We'll figure something out..we usually want it to include visiting his family in California so mostly we go south. I don't fly, so road trip.

Feeling tired lately..wonder if it's the warmer weather, aging, hoisting up grandbabies and am in recovery mode? I don't like it. Feels like depression, and I just don't get depressed!!

Entertaining 7 tonight so working on preps for that. It's my daughter's gig, but at my house. Table is set, fruit platter is made and house cleaned up. Maybe I'm anxious about it and don't know it..weird.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!