Wednesday, February 20, 2013

starstruck what is up with that?  I tweet something to a celebrity, and got an answer without asking for one.  A surprise.  I got so excited I almost helped the dog chase his tail.  Am I that desperate for recognition?  YES!  Validation that I'm worth talking to by someone who has access to thousands to talk to.  It's kind of pathetic really.  The only validation I need is from my Heavenly Father.  He holds my future in His hand.

I'm embarressed at how easily I was prideful.  I wonder if celebrities struggle with pride..the ones who even care what God thinks.  So many don't care what God's thoughts about them are. I know Willie aka Duck Commander cares what God thinks, as do I. Still, it felt good.  So, thanks Willie!!  Love your show!!  Stay humble even though you are rich and famous.!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I just realized I miss skiing.  Was I good at it?  No.  Snow Plow Queen.  But, it, as in cartwheels, was something I enjoyed.  The brisk cold air, puffy outfit and perky stocking cap.  Clunking around in ski boots that hurt my feet, but that feeling of being in the loop.  Being part of the "in" crowd.  They didn't know I wasn't good at skiing.  Drinking hot cocoa in the lodge.  Fun times.  The reality once I 'hit the slopes' was terror, people wooshing by me as I snow plowed my way down the baby hill.  I did get pretty fast actually skiing on one of the beginner hills, however and it was wonderful.  I stretched myself by taking on the more difficult runs, but it wasn't fun and I discovered my great capacity to whine...which led to wine..which led to "who cares" haha.  I haven't tried to ski since becoming 70..or even in my sixties..actually my last time was in my late 40s.  Divorce sometimes changes your sport choice.  I remarried and my husband's thing is baseball.  Now, I go to ball games all summer and dream about the skiing days in winter.