Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hmmm no comments

I've had no comments since early December..just wondering if everybody's too busy? Or gone? Not that they're worthy of commenting..just odd to have none...anybody else experiencing that?? Where are you cousin Bob? Margaret? anyone? hahaha...

Sunday, December 26, 2010's over

Another Christmas is over. I was spoiled rotten by the generosity of others. I was fattened up by some darn good hash slinging by family...yes, I did NOT have to cook...cartwheel!! Everybody got along, lots of laughter and fun. Happy Birthday, Jesus!! I feel blessed that's for sure!!!! I had no returns from the gifts I received. My younger daughter gave me the green light to announce her pregnancy. So, there will be two grandbabies born in 2011...Candice is due in August and Hollee is due in March. We already know the March baby is a girl..Briley Clover. On my side of the family we've decided to do white elephant style gifts next year as it's financially better for us all. We'll give a nice gift to one adult...and spoil the little ones as usual!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas sorrow

I'm feeling burdened today for the people who have lost a loved one in 2010. This could include a lost relationship. This is their first Christmas without that friend or family member. Christmas has so many traditions that contain memories very specific to a certain person. I'm asking God that when those memories come to mind, He replaces the pain with a gratitude to have had that person in their life. I know for some it will be so devastating and lonely that they can hardly breathe and I'm asking God to wrap His arms of comfort and love tightly around them.

Christmas is a time of joy and thankfulness. A time to remember our Savior, Jesus, coming into the world to save us from our sins. To have a spirit of mourning during such a celebration can be lonely business. You're in pain, others are jubilant! For some, this pain has dampened their Christmas spirit for more than this year, but they get through it with Your help, Lord. You've come to save the lost.

I'm also burdened for those who are alone. No family or friends to include them in the season's activities. For the depressed this is a very lonely time. So, Lord I ask you to visit each person in their unique situation and bring them exactly what they need. Love, comfort, companionship, maybe even a turkey..whatever they need to make it through the holidays I know you can provide. You are close to the brokenhearted according to your Word. Thank you Lord!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

salty day

Have you ever had a deep deep hurt and you think you're dealing with it ok, but something small and insignificant can be like salt in a wound and the tears start? Does it mean the "dealing with it" is really covering up the pain with non thought? Today was a salt day. But, you know what? God is still in control. He gathers our tears in a bottle the bible says and is close to the broken-hearted.
I must hang onto that because I feel so alone at the moment. God has blessed me over and over, so I have no reason to be sad over one thing, but I am. It's a loss..a loss of love by my own son. The pain is unbearable at times, but I must not let it wipe out all the good in my life, right? I feel badly that I've lost hope of it ever changing...that's not showing faith is it. So, a failure as a mother AND a failure as a Christian. NO NO see how the enemy works? Sits on our shoulders and whispers his lies in our ears. No wonder so many get into despair mode..listening to him. I rebuke you devil and in Jesus Name claim peace!!! You have to do that or he'll just keep it up until you give him the ultimate...renounce Jesus or suck fumes locked in your garage. Either one gives the devil delight!! NO, greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A tornado in Aumsville, Oregon. Who would have thunk it. Did a fair amount of damage, but fortunately nobody was hurt seriously. That has to be a God thing. The owner of Nichols Plumbing downtown Aumsville knows Who to give the Glory to!!! I watched some guy interviewing her and when she said "It's part of God's plan that nobody was hurt" he became mute...didn't know what to ask next..kind of funny. In all my newspaper reading lately, Oregon is a pretty godless place. Maybe things like this tornado, so unexpected, is a wake up call to get right or get left. Something to ponder next time the wind howls that's for sure.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Dance

I just found Melina Kanakaredes from CSI N.Y. on Facebook. I met her at a Wendy's bathroom in Santa Nella, California while on vacation a couple years back. She and her hubby were making a pit stop and actually lining up for junk food. I studied her from behind like any stalker would do..then asked "Has anybody told you you look like that curly haired girl in CSI New York?" She replied, " I AM that curly haired girl from CSI." Gasp!!! Then I proceeded to chat her head off...I even said something very stupid..I said "well, I usually watch Law and Order" hahaha. what a nit. She was awesome and oh how I wish I had had my camera, but who wants their picture taken standing outside a bathroom stall with an old lady, right?

Then, I discovered we both had myspace and I became her "friend" and jabbered her to death with comments...they were silly and fun ones tho!!! I have deleted myspace and was out of touch with her until today.

Anyway, it must be nice to know you can "make someone's day" so easily by just standing there.
Happy dance!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Christmas's exhausting. We dragged ourselves around the stores today. I was up to my armpits in PJ bottoms and slippers. Trying to second guess other people's taste, balance the total amount on each to be fair...I'm thinking it's time for the adults to draw names truly!! But, once all this shopping is done, I can focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus. His birth, my salvation in Him and how lost I'd be right now if He weren't in my life!! How do people do life without's hard!!! So, I hope I keep my focus on the birthday of my King and not worry about someone liking or not liking a gift I give to them. Enjoying family on Christmas eve and hopefully on Christmas day. See if I can destroy another turkey!! haha...actually the pig is in danger during Christmas as we have ham. Ok..later gaters..have a great week!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

got menus?

I want a chef. I'd love to go thru magazines, point out a recipe to my 'chef' and they shop and cook. But, alas, that's for the wealthy. Maybe after so many years of fixing meals, I'm just bored. Anybody have EASY menus they would share? You see, most sites on the internet show menus but items fixed require ingredients that are used in a particular recipe and never seen again. I need one that utilizes all the groceries bought.

I've been on diets and some are easier than just eating what I want because it's all spelled out for you. You KNOW what you'll be eating. I know Weight Watchers is popular because it does allow you to eat whatever...but, that requires figuring out what 'whatever' is. Maybe it will be nice when my kids put me in a nursing least the home will figure out what to feed me, right?