Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

All those things we take for granted suddenly come to the front as blessings during Thanksgiving time don't they. Shelter, food, family (even the ones who drive you nuts) and friends.

I'm having my husband's family (now, MY family too) over for dinner Thursday. 9 sets of legs dangling under the table. My step son and his wife are going to plow their way here through snow. God keep them safe.

Menu? Very typical. Wednesday I'll get three dishes out of the way that only need baked on Thursday...mashed potatoes, yams, and the enfamous Green Bean Cassrole. The turkey will wile away the hours in a roaster pan, no doubt remember happier days of flappying his wings, hanging out with Tom and the gang..sigh..such is a turkey's lot in life.

My table seats 8. Oval. Yeah..that 9th person..good question.

We're buying our pies from church ladies so they'll be blessed...small, but blessed. Who has room for dessert after nine lbs of turkey anyway.

I have to say, my husband's kids are NOT fussy yuppy people so I don't have to kill myself cleaning..I love that!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't spend it alone...been there done that..tain't fun. If it appears that's the go out and get a small turkey and side dishes and invite someone else who is alone!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm a blond now

well hepcats..I've crossed over to the other side..the lighter side..I'm a blond now. So far I've left my keys in a store and bumped my this your world, blondes?

I started by paying 80.00 to my regular hairdresser to change me from grey to blond. I walked out having spent 80.00 to look the same. My stepdaughter put a nuteralizer on it..hello mouse!! She then went thru the regular process, but it wasn't blond enough for my daughter finished me off and now it's a bit brassy. I aim to fix that with a special's called the "purple shampoo"..ut oh..potential for disaster huh!!

Ok..gotta go..dinner at friends..shock em!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well we got thru halloween without soap on our windows or rotten eggs. I wore my chicken suit to answer the door. We had a ton of kids..forgot to count em. Had a bit of candy left..cartwheel!!

Before the onslaught of trick or treaters, my youngest granddaughter, Briley dropped by. Awww...isn't she the cutest little lamb? Her mommy brought her over to get her ready for the other grandma. I was happy to get to see her!!! I shared my dessert with her..shame on Nanny, but her mom said it was ok. In fact she started it!!! Later after I had turned off the lights and wasn't answering the door, my other granddaughter Mia came by, but I missed her. I wish her daddy had called to let me know they were coming. I did get a picture sent by her mom so here is her costume. Yeah..I thought it was a bit provocative too. Her hair was just cut and she donated it to locks of love. Cool huh!! She has a big heart.

Pretty uneventful Halloween. Hope yours was also. Have a great week!!