Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas week. Lots to do. Tryin not to lose Jesus in all the wrapping paper and grocery bags. I can see where it would be more relaxing if it really was JUST about calm, how relaxed and how quiet it would be. But, the good thing about the commercial side is family. Getting together with family. I'm hosting 12 of us this year. There will be enough people that if I don't get to my floors who will know? Lights will be dim, packages all over the I'm choosing to have the right focus. I love Jesus and I love my family. Yes, there's disfunction cuz there's been divorce. Yes there's multiple gatherings as you meet with this family, that family, etc. But it's also FUN!

I'm so glad Christmas is Sunday this year..go to church to start the day right. I've known years of lonliness and poverty during Christmas and it's a downer. For those of you recovering from a loss, it's especially difficult. But, you WILL get through it if you concentrate on Who we are celebrating the birth for!!! Love to all!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Well..we're out of the Thanksgiving season and into Christmas. Yes!! Christmas, not Holiday or winterland..Christmas!! The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!! Get it people!!! Without Christ, no Christmas!! I get so mad when people write xmas..don't want my Lord crossed out of his birthday celebration. There...was that firm enough? Good!

It's warm and cozy this Monday morning and I'm still in my cooshy jammies. Don't wanna put on street clothes and go grocery shopping. Wanna stay here and play on the computer. But, alas, I am an adult so must do the responsible thing, right?

I do hope you have an awesome week. I hope the joy of Christmas outweighs the hassles, the losses, the shopping, wrapping, baking (well, not me of course), but just the joy of knowing Jesus came to save a lost and dying world is reason to celebrate!!! He's coming back remember, so don't let this life bog you down. I'm watching my daughter grieve a loss of love and it's totally consuming to me. My husband told me recently, "You are obsessed with this and it's all you talk about to me and everybody else". Ouch. I think when your children suffer, you suffer and sometimes just need to talk. So, I'll obsess in a 'safe' place like my blog, twitter or Facebook. I wish some spouses would "get it" and not drive their family out of the circle just cuz they're tired of hearing same thing. Well, guess what, that's what you do when you love someone, you listen to the same jokes, same stories and if they are hurting, the same painful statements. But, this, too, shall pass!!! Ultimately, I should run to Jesus with it all!!! He will never leave me nor forsake me or tell me to 'hush' on any subject!!!!