Saturday, August 28, 2010

End of baseball season

After last night's game, three more next weekend and the season is over. Yipee!!! I have nitrates comin out my ears from all the hot dogs. Our seats were behind homeplate this year and will be again next year. Nice little community we sit with. I'll miss the bantering back and forth.

The Volcanoes had a terrible year, so they can only go up next year. I'm in it for the food anyway.

We'll have to get clever on what we do evenings now as having season tickets governed our coming and going. I'll miss the fun!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

IBS? not officially diagnosed yet. But, maybe. I'm seeking wisdom from others who DO have this malady. Are the soles of your shoes worn off after one trip to a Greasy Spoon resturant from eating / or drinking something that sends you runnin? Do you plan your trips around Rest Stops? Does your spouse say "no, not again..we're stopping???" Do you secretly know that maybe it would help to stop your blessed wonderful beautiful cup of coffee in the morning? That bacon is not your friend, but tastes like BFF!!!!

I've had my troubles a couple years or more now..gettin old. It and me. Has anyone discovered relief and still kept their coffee? I AM willing to change my diet..well..once baseball season ends.

I've been tactful I think, so hopefully you're not grossed out. If you probably don't have IBS. Ok..gotta hurry and end this...dash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved Thursdays

Good morning bloggers. It's Thursday. I used to favor Thursdays when I was employed as it was an anticipation of the weekend and the knowledge Monday was yet still far off. Silly simple pleasures that keep you going. I'm retired now, so the days merge. I know it's the weekend cuz there's this cute guy hanging around the house during the day..wheeee!!! Poor dear is so busy with projects. If it weren't for attending a minimum of 38 baseball games here in Salem-Keizer he'd be draggin his lip I betcha. The team is in the bottom..yet the faithful drag their buns out to the games and eat the dogs and sip the sodas hoping they get lucky and see a win. Have a good day my friends!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Join me on a Carpet Ride

I hope at this site what you see remains..haha...If it's not a "carpet ride" let me know and I'll delete this posting. I thought it a crack up!!!! Good fun to have on a Wednesday!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

funny friends

I've got some funny friends on myspace who made this picture of me doing what I do best...nothing. It's clever don't you think? I am clever sometimes, but only when it's accidental. I can draw, but show me a blank page and it'll stay me a word document blank page and it'll stay blank even tho I actually can write. I have written a novelette about my life, but too many relatives remain alive who would recognize folks and hate me for writing it.

I took a stand up comic class, but it was very stressful..trying to keep it clean yet funny was quite a challenge and I'm way funnier with someone else's humerous stuff quoted by me..I sometimes have trouble making up witty things.

Mostly I'm a rambler (no, not the old car) and you can see that's what I'm doing goodbye.

total recall

I love to eat. I eat unhealthy things like bacon and eggs. I already know I'm a danger to myself in that regard, but now the news has added an "egg recall" warning to that danger. So, I have to not only worry about chloresterol, but being poisoned by an egg from a hen who's out to get me!! Not happy about that!! I know an egg is just a day's work for some chicken, but can't it be done cleanly?? Sigh. This carton of eggs doesn't have the 'bad' info on it, so I'm diggin in and eating the hen fruit. Living on the edge aren't I. Have a great Friday and weekend everybody!! Read your cartons!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Bang Theory

God said it..and BANG!! It came to be. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. I cannot understand any other way to look at creation except it came about by a so full of knowledge and wisdom our teensy weensy brains cannot comprehend. Oh they're trying to figure it all out and yeah, there's some smart humans out there. But humans cannot save our souls. If I'm wrong, I'd rather be wrong my way then believe we're all here accidently and nothing lies ahead when we stupid would that be??? Especially for the handicapped and mentally live their earthly lives suffering and that's it?? No. I believe we have a God who not only can create something as magnificant as our bodies, the earth, etc. but Who wants us to be with Him forever. Who loves us. It's too wonderful to grasp, but He's made it easy for us. Just look to Jesus as Lord and Savior..He's the bridge between us and God!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jumpin Grandma

Good morning Hepcats!! A beautiful sunday morning. Enjoy your day!! I had some fun with my granddaughter, Mia, recently...but am payin for it now. Grandma's can be too silly in their effort to entertain and be involved in grandkids' lives..haha..I wouldn't trade it for the's worth every trip to the chiropractor!!!