Friday, January 27, 2012


Boy, my addiction to Twitter and Facebook have caused some serious delays in blogging. Sorry bout that.

Beautiful January day outside..sun is shining, but cold. I stood outside The Red Box to find a movie to rent and was frozen by the time I realized I was clueless how to make the dumb thing work. I do not like changes on electronic stuff which makes it no longer user friendly. Who decides this anyway? I'm sure it's like bathroom body designs it with a real human in mind. You sit down after you've contorted yourself into a pretzel and the toilet paper despenser is hovering over your lap, or it's so far forward you pee on the seat to reach it, or it is behind you and you get a cramp twisting for it. Yeah, frustrating.

The weekend is here. I enjoy having hubby home even tho he cuts into my internet addiction. Lately, he's been watching some football and/or making dvds on the laptop so I can justify being on the computer.

Recipes are strange..this one says "let the dough relax" but now there's flour all over my recliner..haha. Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

where have I been?

Where have I been? Just around, forgetting my blog. So sorry.

New years eve we went out for a nice dinner at jonathons..ok so it wasn't as nice as really pay more for less..just sayin.. Anyway, we then went to the last showing of "War Horse". That horse deserves an award as his acting was great..otherwise so so.

We just had MLK day and went to another movie "Make a Joyful Noise". Why o why must they ruin movies that have potential to lift the name of Jesus..why the swearing?? Is society so damaged they no longer can think of sentances without peppering it with swear words? Very disappointing. Loved the music. Speaking of movies..we also saw "Iron Lady" and it was quite good and I don't recall it IS possible.

I have Briley today. I'm hoping she'll be chattering by now. She's over 10 months old and doesn't jabber..a friend's baby is six months old and talks..not clearly, but tries. I will continue to pronounce the consonants in hopes she grabs one.

You see why I don't blog all the time..just not a writer I guess. But, I'll be back..yes, I will!