Monday, June 27, 2011


Been busy with Little League games and Minors games. We have a Farm team for San Francisco Giants here in Salem, Oregon called The Volcanoes. We have season tickets so go to about 40 games per summer...added to Little League games for Bob's grandson, Blake. They are in All Stars now so soon they will be over!! They've won all their games so far!

The volcanoes were playing terrible until last night's game when they finally won. Hope this is a permanent change. I took my 3 month old Granddaughter to a game last Saturday night..people oohed and ahhed over her...making us grandparents beam!!! Tonight is the last of a six game set. Then 3 days off with no games except Little League..then back on for another 3. It's fun!!! You are in like a little neighborhood sitting in the same section year after year. We broke loose from that area one year...I didn't like it.

Not much going on. We've had some deaths in the family so some sorrow along the way. Hope you who read my blog are ok.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't make us buy your love

Personally, I think kids once grown should forgive their parents, accept their oddities and love them unconditionally. We all raise our kids to the best of our it limited ability or some awesome cookie baking soccor mom. We know where we've failed and your making fun and dissin us doesn't help us get just makes us feel unloved and unworthy..not a pretty feeling.
We have to accept lifestyles we don't approve of, or feel is hurting God. We're not allowed to express how we feel about that, but are snarled at or even cut off if we say anything..yet kids are allowed to lash out at us and call us old fuddy duddies. We walk on egg shells while our kids have the freedom to wear their combat boots. It feels like we have to buy a crumb of love and that crumb can be removed at will..meanwhile as parents we cannot cut off our love, our longings for relationship with our's built in us and although we feel great pain by our kids, cannot stop loving them. We cannot stop wanting God's best for them. Just the way it is I guess, but I don't have to like it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well..I sent the filled out form agreeing to host a Volcano Baseball player. Volcanoes are the short A farm team for the San Francisco Giants. We've done it before. First player was Fred Lewis, outfielder who went on to the majors. We still keep in touch. I cannot remember the last name of 2nd player we hosted, Anthony Moreno or Morales..a pitcher. We only had him a couple weeks. Our third player was a married couple, Brooks Lindley. He isn't still playing.

It's a big responsibility, feeding them, laundry, driving them to and from the field, etc. I hope we get a respectful kid. All the others were.

They are suppose to pay 200.00 a month toward food. Because we had the last players such a short time, we didn't really get that.

I'll have to give up my bathroom and share with Bob. He'll have "culture" shock..haha. I'll have to pretend I'm camping cuz all my bathroom junk won't fit anywhere in his bathroom which is off the master bedroom.

Just hope I have some notice so I can fix up the rooms!!