Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Happy Wednesday y'all..

Signed up with that yfrog place so on Twitter can post pictures in easier way. Sometimes being on Twitter is lonely business cuz I'm not famous so nobody gives a hoot what I write..haha. So, I just pretend I'm part of the 'in' far one celeb is following me, however, Joyce Meyers. I appreciate that!! I enjoy reading posts, and I do reply to some even tho they are rarely read I'm sure.

I watched Briley yesterday and needed a stay at home day with nothing pressing to do..altho I feel an urge to rearrange my kitchen area..we have bar stools..I hate them being at the island cuz they are in my way when dashing to answer the's more crowded in the kitchen with them set up as we do have a country table that seats 4. I'm sure this is so mind blowing information you're ready to alert the media..haha. See why I have very few followers on Twitter?

Well..just checking in. Have a great week!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yesterday was a fun day with my grandkids, Mia and Briley. Their mommy and I took them to the Kroc Center and we played in the swimming pool..floating down the "lazy river" and just having fun. Then on our way out detoured to the rock wall where this grandma had to give it a try!! The girl said "pretend you're climbing up a ladder" which helped me put most of the strength into my legs..I have pathetic upper body strength. We were upset at the cost of 7.00 each adult, 5.00 each child..even Briley who is 7 months old.

Saturday afternoon some friends are taking us to see The Blue Man Group up in Portland. High energy performance which I know I'll just LOVE, then out for a nice light supper after. I love this type of activity!!! Here's the website for the Blue Man

Should be a blast!!

I'm trying to get motivated to clean house. It's not real bad, but needs attention which I have to confess I'm lazy about. I'd rather play on the computer.

I hope you have a fun weekend!! Tonight we're having dessert and a movie at our church. It's fun to have activities planned. Next weekend is similar in that we'll be having dinner with our "dinner for 8" group..a once a month gathering and we take turns hosting. I'm bringing a dessert.

See ya.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday yammerings

I've been neglectful again in my blogging. I have no excuse except addiction to facebook and twitter. It's not like there's nothing going on in our world. Just read Gadhafi has been killed, so another enemy has been trumped.

An old friend of mine lost her husband yesterday. He'd been sick with cancer. 44 years old. I can see such a difference in a death of a godly man and the Christian's way of grieving because of the hope we have in Jesus Christ Who 'goes to prepare a place'. She will see him again.

Going swimming today with my daughter and two grandkids. Ok, so not so hot in a swim suit, but who cares..we'll have fun, right? Bonding and loving each other!!

I need excercise, but here I sit. What is up with that? I know I must walk as the sun is shining, I am without excuse. Pathetic.

Watching your family suffer consequences from choices really hurts doesn't it. We've all been there at one time or another. My prayer is the hand will reach upwards to the only One who can rescue and redeem. I had to get pretty low before I sought the answer in the right place. HE is so faithful when we cry out to Him!!

Ok..I've blogged today..AND cleaned the kitchen..that's got to count for something!!! Have a wonderful weekend coming up dear ones!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


While many are mourning the loss of a technical tycoon, Steve Jobs, I'm mourning the loss of a teenager I didn't even know. Cody Myers. He was a godly Christian young man of 19 who was at the right place at the wrong time and became a victim of two killers. It's a loss so great one cannot help but ponder God and why He didn't stop this senseless killing. I have no answers except to say God is still on the throne and I will trust that He didn't look the other way when this happened, but will somehow use it for good. Being a Christian, Cody is with the Lord now so one can take some comfort in that.

I don't know where Mr. Jobs stood with the Lord. Hopefully, in the midst of all his creativity and wealth God was lifted up higher. He is our only hope, especially in the end.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Saw the movie "Courageous" this last weekend. Wow!! Come on guys..I double dog dare you to go see that movie!! Want to be a better dad? Do it!! There's lessons in there for women too, but your kids need their daddies!!! I did not have a good father and my oldest did not grow up with a daddy and it was tough bananas!!! Nothing like a godly father, with leadership in love and good example to raise up good kids!! I lucked out with my older daughter that's for sure!!! She is the exception to the rule.