Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'd do that for you Jesus.

There comes a time you have to realize your kids are adults and can choose who they want to hang out with.  If you are unable to watch their kids on a certain time...or say something they feel is worthless..they make it seem so easy to pull back their love.  It's hard to see other families functioning as a unit, close and respectful when you are in a disfunctional one.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas is no longer a joy, but a dread.  The desire to run in another city so you can explain this riff  is due to distance.  Your grandkids may view your absence as distance as I'm quite sure they're being told "I guess they're too busy to see you".  The truth being...nobody responds to efforts to speak and arrange to see the kids.  I am beginning to believe it is not so much a rejection to us as a rejection of our Jesus that we serve.  If that's the case it's bible prophecy that we'll be persecuted and I can handle that.  I'd do that for you Jesus!!!  In the end times family fall apart..we're there I'd guess, we're there.

Friday, September 12, 2014

yurt vacation

Just got back from camping on the Oregon Coast in a Yurt.

That's Bob inside there finishing up set up.  Here's inside the thing.
I slept on the bottom and Bob went to the rafters.  Across is a futon couch thing..we sat there with laptop propped up on two chairs to watch dvds at night..I know...roughing it huh?  Yurts have electricity, but you 're not allowed to cook inside.

We read on the beach, ate fried food and some relaxation.  I'd say camping is NOT relaxing unless you're in one of those huge motor homes or other RV.

We enjoyed smores and watching the fire.  It's a step up from a tent..unless you have a huge tent. The key to it all is HUGE..haha.

Friday, September 5, 2014

out of Ashes

In my devotions this morning I read "I will bring beauty out of the ashes of your dreams.  I will glean joy out of sorrow."  The writer hit it on the head.  I thought of my recently deceased son who had been cremated..ashes.  The dream of a complete restoration of our relationship was burned up.  But, God can bring beauty out of this and find joy for me.  This was encouraging to me.  A confirmation God has not forgotten me.  I carry no grudge against God for Michael's death.  I do not understand it, but trust HIM completely.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Death of Joan Rivers 9/4/2014

Joan Rivers died today. 81.  She was extremely funny.   This is the 2nd very funny comic to die in 2014 and close together.  Robin Williams died in August.  Big Names.  I have to ponder the same question I pondered when my son died in June of 2014...also a funny guy...where are they?  Was their final destination, Heaven?  I know my son asked Jesus into his heart at age 3.  God will decide who He allows in His heaven.  It'll be interesting to see who's there.   Will I be there?  Something to think about.  We spend eternity either with God, or without Him.  People joke around about "oh I hope I go to Hell cuz that's where all my friends are".  Many assume ALL go to Heaven when they die.  This mystery is covered in God's Word.  And it is FOREVER.  Now is the time to talk to God about yourself and your walk with Him.