Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well..the baseball season has begun and we're going to the home games.  The thing is..they are playing badly, and the weather has been I'm questioning the wisdom of sitting around drenched watching our team lose.  I know we should show support, but I can only do that til about the 3rd inning cuz it takes them an hr and a half to make it to 3rd inning.  L-o-n-g games, l-o-s-i-n-g games, r-a-i-n-i-n-g games = g-o-i-n-g h-o-m-e e-a-r-l-y games.  Let's face it..I'm in it for the f-o-o-d!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

bad blogger

It's a fact..I'm a bad blogger!!  I just keep forgetting because I'm on Facebook and Twitter so much.

We've had some lovely visits with family.   Bob and Nita Price, my cousins, came by while on vacation.I forgot to take pictures so stole this lovely picture from Bob's blog.  Multnomah Falls was one of their stops this trip.  While here I fixed a roast dinner and they took me out to breakfast.  Loved our time together.  These are cousins I met late in life..quite a nice surprise!!

Bob and I zipped up to Renton Washington and back in one day.  We spent some time with my sister, Carolyn and her husband, Wayne. Next time we'll bring sleeping bags and air mattress and stay the night.

Our Volcano Ball Games began this last week.  5 games.  It was so stinkin cold when that wind blows that you'd think we were in Alaska watching a game.  We had one guy, first baseman, dislocate his knee cap (ow) and was hauled off the field in an Ambulance.  He showed up late that night in a full leg cast.  Not sure how long he's out of commission. This picture is of the EMTs working on him at first base.

Had great granddaughter's birthday times..had several grandkids there at a time so here's a picture of my daughter Kathi and me with the grands and great grands.  Missing was mia's mom, Hollee and baby sister's her picture..that owie on her head is cuz she fell off my deck..YES I felt bad!!'s nearly noon, so better get productive.  I'm pretty fast at cleaning house.  Wanna see it again?

Til next time....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Like dodging bullets

We bought a new refrigerator..old one konked out on us.  It was a side by digging for treasure getting anything out of those narrow shelves.  Our new one had french doors (ooolala) and pull out freezer drawer at bottom.  We were so excited until we realized we had let an automatic weapon into our kitchen.  Each time we used the outside ice dispenser we were dodging "bullets" of ice cubes as rat a tat tat they shot out an extra half dozen after letting the lever go back.



So, we called the store and said "come get this thing".  They did.  We have yet to see the refund on our credit card balance..grrrr.  This meant we needed to go buy another refrigerator.  This one is also french doors, but has extra middle drawer and pull out freezer below that. love this one!!  We got to remove our hard hats when dispensing ice, also.  Cartwheel.  Now I'm waiting for the stove to go out cuz it's white and needs updated, right?  Anyway..whatever it takes to remove the boredom of cooking and cooking and cooking.

Oh yes..of course I have a picture of it...