Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!

we're back from San Francisco

Bob had a great time at the World Series game in San Francisco! I waited in our hotel and watched the game on TV. The Giants won 9-0!! He had a blast!! Our train ride to and from S.F. was fun..there were outlets at our seats so we could watch movies on the laptop. People traveling are fun to watch, too.

When we got to the Amtrak bus stop outside Bloomingdales, there was a HUGE bicycle parade up Market street..over a thousand bikes! Quite a sight..none of our pictures turned out, however. Disappointing. Just to amuse ourselves between check out time and the bus we boarded a city bus and just stayed on it...over an hour ride and saw lots of sights..all for 75 cents each. We also went to the movie "Inception".

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's the day. At 3:37 we'll board Amtrak for San Francisco. Bob gets his World Series dream and I get to hang out in this beautiful hotel and have room service...whooopy!!!!

I'm startin the day out tired haha. Had granddaughter overnight and got her up early to get ready for school..she's a grumpy lil kid in the morning!! I, on the other hand, am too chipper!!!! See youse guys later!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Been watching the show "Hoarders" and oh my. That's an illness I wouldn't want!! It reminds me of anorexics..they look in the mirror, but see what isn't there...fat. These Hoarders do not see the filth, and eyeball popping clutter from floor to ceiling. Our minds are able to filter out the truth. I pray that never happens with my belief in Jesus. I always want to see Him clearly and rightly.
I want Him to see me that way also. If I hoard anything I want it to be more of Him!!

Tomorrow we leave for San Francisco and the World Series game. Train ride will be brutal as I cannot sleep unless lying down, but I'll catch up in the hotel the one night..then another brutal ride home..heh. It's worth it to see my husband happy and excited about a World Series game, a dream come true for him..It's better THIS dream comes true than the one where he goes to work naked right? haha...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We are going to San Francisco!!! Giants won tonight's game, so are going to World Series. Hubby gets to go to a game!!...I'll wait at the's spendy!!!! But, he can cross this off his bucket list!!!

can't look

Makes me too nervous to watch tonight's ball game..I want the Giants to win so badly so we can go to World Series in San not gonna watch...Bob can report runs as they occur..hehe.
I'm tense just thinking about it!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

which is your favorite?

Dumped Myspace. It was too time consuming, but now I miss it. What sites are you guys on and what is your favorite? Mine is Facebook!! So far blogging hasn't netted a lot of response, but on Facebook I'm rewarded for all my comments and status updates...cartwheel!!


Had my colonoscopy and that other scope thingee where they go from top down and take a look at esophagus and tummy. Some immflamation there from the chronic heart burn, which is now under control with meds! I'd like to say it was "a piece of cake" but the doctor ignored my 'requests' for more "put me out stuff'" ten years when I have the next one, I'll chose the doctor my husband he remembers nothing and I remember it all.

But, he stated my colon was 'entirely' normal!!! Cartwheel! Minimal esophagitis (immflamation) of the there ya go!!! I'm ok!!! Very very very glad that is over I can tell ya!!!

Have a great weekend coming up. If the Giants win one more...we're going to California to the World Series..well, one game anyway...haha.

Monday, October 18, 2010

this and that

been watching the San Francisco Giants play baseball. If they make it to the World Series Bob and I are going to california. I'll veg out at the hotel while he goes to a game. So, train tickets are on hold, Hotel is booked, now we wait...impatiently, I might add..heh.

My prep begins for a colonoscopy and throat scope on Wednesday. Pah-leeeeeze don't share any horror stories with me if you've had one of these two procedures done, ok? I'm the nervous type!
Tonight after dinner is MOM (milk of Mag) ... on your MARK...GO!! Then Tuesday the litres of water drinkin start..liquid diet..then some fizzy stuff...LOOK OUT BELOW!...then 4 oh so tiny and innocent looking red pills..BLAST OFF! Sleep ain't happening that night I betcha! Then one more invasion of suppository, one more trip to the moon, then "lights out" at the hospital. Now, don't you wish you were me?

Friday, October 15, 2010

One by One - dedicated to the miners rescued.

On August fifth, two thousand and ten,

A mine shaft in Chile gave way.

Trapping 33 miners below

In a rocky and dark deep grave.

They bored a hole down to their depth

But for 17 days not a sound

Then much to everyone’s surprise

A note came up from the ground.

“We’re alive and well. Please save us” it read.

Drillers and Miners formed a crew

They sent a video camera down

To bring those trapped below to view.

A modified telephone was installed

For communication with family and friends

The trapped sang the National Anthem to all.

Tears of hope seemed to pour without end.

The men chose a boss to keep order.

Rationing food, and assigning them shifts.

Dispelling their enemy, discouragement.

This normalcy their spirits did lift.

For sixty-nine days these thirty three men

Lived in hell, while above work began.

They created a capsule that could pull them out

Doing it man by man.

First they lowered an expert in rescue

Then paramedics to see who was hurt.

The men below greeted them all with joy.

Angels descending through dirt.

On October 12th the rescue began

The capsule a cage to freedom

One by one they brought men out

With the watchful eye of God to lead them.

The world was united as they watched their TVs.

This rescue of miners, what a sight!

Each man embraced by family and friends

Who thought they’d never see daylight.

God saved those miners, one by one

They were walking and talking..alive!

Without the grace of God

None would have ever survived.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

miners are rescued!

Watchin those miners in Chile comin out of their six blocks down shafts. Unbelievable they have been down there 70 days....I'm so claustrophobic I don't do caves of any kind!!! What an amazing device for their rescue..awesome!!! God is so good and every man down there is praising Him!! There might be one miner that is ashamed as his mistress was waiting for his rescue instead of his wife. How tacky is that woman???? My garsh! Shameful!!

This is such a happy ending for these miners and I'm loving each one that comes up out of the hole as they reunite with loved ones!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lost list

Well..right in the middle of a big shopping trip to Walmert, I lost my grocery list. I retraced my steps and couldn't find it. Scary..found some pretty odd stuff in my sacks when I got home...large container of chunky monkey ice cream...creme puffs..jug of expensive olive oil and a new jacket. Haha...that's my story and I'm stickin to it!!!! Wheeeee!!! If only I were married to a gullible guy!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Good morning! It's Friday and almost a week since my grandson, Brad, had his mishap!! The background on Brad...Leukemia at 5 and deemed cured 8 years later. At 21 an ATV accident that caused a global fracture of his skull, 3 strokes, coma and left him deaf in one ear, memory problems, balance problems, and vision problems. He had flap surgery, where they remove a section of skull to make room for brain swelling. He's endured botox shots in his eye. But, he survived with his humor and personality intact. That was five years ago.

Last Saturday night, the 2nd of October, he was horsing around with his buddies and fell backwards onto the concrete and banged his head, knocking himself out. Ambulance came and took him to the hospital. He was awake but couldn't remember what happened. They said they thought they saw a new skull fracture, but then changed their minds and said it was from the other ATV accident. He was sent home. His back hurt.

That night blood started coming out of his ear and so he went back to the Neurosurgeon and they said not only did he have a new skull fracture, but a fracture in his back as well. He'd fallen with a broken toe as it was, and he messed that up too.

Bottom line...Brad has brain damage and was admonished by the doctors that it's up to him to protect his brain. He has to choose his activities wisely and not put himself into a compromised position of being hurt by falls, etc.

My heart's desire is that he view this as a wake up call to a mighty God Who has chosen to keep sparing Brad's life for a purpose. I pray he puts God first in his life as he has a powerful testimony to the mercy of God!!

God's mercies are new every morning. All we have to do is call on His name, the name Jesus, and we receive that mercy, forgiveness and protection!! I pray you know Him, too!!