Thursday, October 24, 2013

delay in blogging

Hello.  Sorry for the delay in blogging.  lazy I guess..or just too busy with social interaction on Twitter and Facebook.  I'm going to start a new format of blogging BRIEF stuff then maybe it won't feel so daunting and overwhelming, right?

Just read in the newspaper that Hollywood is planning to make MORE raunchy movies.

Six new movies came out recently, five of which are R rated and one unrated (probably sooo raunchy they don't know which letter to use.)  Let the sin begin!!  They will save us a bundle doin this however.  I think "Captain Phillips" was our last walk in movie..back to the movies we own and reruns.

It's Thursday and I'm looking forward to a weekend of entertainment.  Friday night a pumpkin carving party and Saturday night hosting our "dinner for 8" group.  Cartwheel.

See you later!!   Flo