Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hello it's Wednesday

Hello.  It's Wednesday morning on May 24, 2017.  Been awhile since I've written anything. L-a-z-y.  I feel I should be blogging at least.  Trying to keep a Journal just ends up being a whine fest.  Anybody else find that true?

Our teacher did not show up at my house for the Writing Class Finale potluck, so I entertained 4 charming wonderful men who also brought the food.  We shared our work, eat the food and had a great final class.

I'll try to make this blog interesting, but no promises.  My cleverness is being replaced by aging and complaining about aches and pains.  As Betty Davis said "aging ain't for sissies".  Or something like that.  I thank God I am healthy enough to walk daily for 30 minutes and am reasonably agile.  I dropped a donut yesterday and picked it up, so yes, I do squats!

Have a great Wednesday!!