Wednesday, May 31, 2017

3rd anniversary

3 years ago today my son died.  He lay in his apt until June 3rd.  The records have to show date of death as June 3rd, 2014 because that's when his body was found.  It's on his death certificate.

It's really hard to lose a child.  I look at baby pictures of him and those impact me more than current ones...not sure why.

 He was 32 when he died, so still young.  Jesus was 33 when He died.  I believe God knows how my heart feels.

Michael and I were close until the divorce.  We had a falling out shortly after so for quite a few years it was me pursuing him.  I began to see a bit of progress when suddenly and without warning..he was gone.

Without the Lord I am quite sure I'd be a basket case.  He has sustained me and guarded my heart from hurt these 3 years.  My husband is a rock, also.  I'm very blessed.