Thursday, May 25, 2017

TV and dogs

Good morning.  It's of my favorite days cuz "Bluebloods" ya know.  All day.  We switched from cable to antenna a few months ago, but fortunately I can still get some of my favorite shows.  We added "Sling" which gives some of the lost cable programs like Food Network and HGTV and we also added "Feelin" for some decent movies.  Netflix completes the package.  Ok, I am impressed that you don't watch hours of TV..that you're out there pulling weeds and planting flowers.  My thumb is not green.  There is one tulip that I planted years ago that is so forgiving it shows up every spring...Otherwise that's hubby's turf out there.

Took my usual walk this morning and got a bit nervous when I heard like maybe 5 dogs barking suddenly at once...small ones that go arf arf and large ones woof was around a corner so I ventured forward cautiously reminding myself Jesus walks with me and He ain't afraid of dogs.  By the time I rounded the corner all was quiet.  Have a great day!