Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Gee, time is goin so fast.  I've been to California and Mexico since my last post.  We escaped for Thanksgiving.  Family dynamics being what they are, we just ran away.  Had Thanksgiving with Bob's family.

Got thru December 16 which was my son's birthday.  He would have been 33.  His dying in June sure messed up the joy of the holidays I have to say.  Fun isn't fun.  Oh, I have the joy of the Lord for sure, but this business of living out each day has its ups and downs when you lose a child.

We're going thru the motions of decorating, shopping, wrapping and meal planning for Christmas Eve.  I like to plan early, but unfortunately I'm trying to coordinate with a daughter who doesn't.  I'm on hold til she says yes, she'll cook the meat.  Usually this being the 17th of December, I'd have the table set by now.

Our cruise to Mexico was our 3rd so I didn't even get off the ship at one port.  First time with Norwegian...usually prefer Princess.  I struggled with swollen ankles the latter part of the vacation.  We sat too much with family, playing games and eating out that got my ankles started, then on the ship their auditorium was poor planning so rows were so close together you couldn't really cross your legs or change positions...little puffy ankles dangling down getting fatter and fatter.  But, we had a wonderful Steward who made cute little animals out of towels everyday.

We took our time driving home and all in all it was a good time with family in California and we do not reqret going.